Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 460–462 Update on Monday 27th August 2018


Tatya Tope was surrounded by Capt Mac’s army in the previous episode. Capt Mac murders Tatya Tope. Capt Mac marches at the head of his army towards Jhansi fort. 

Laxmibai is shocked to learn about Tatya Tope’s death. Rao Dulaju tells Laxmibai that Queen Victoria has insulted her. He reveals Queen Victoria’s role in Damodar’s kidnapping and also in the Jhokan Bagh massacre. 

Rao Dulaju asks Laxmibai to bow down before the British. Laxmibai asserts she has always lived with pride and refuses to surrender.  Capt Mac resolves to bring Laxmibai on her knees in front of Queen Victoria. Moropant exhorts Laxmibai not to lose hope. 

Moropant tells Laxmibai that the spirit of freedom will burn in their hearts till their arms held their swords. Will Laxmibai be able to save Jhansi fort? The British manage to blast a hole through the fort walls. 

British soldiers enter the palace and try to attack Damodar However, Laxmibai saves Damodar. To avoid further casualties and to keep the flame of rebellion burning, Laxmibai decides to abandon the fort. 

Laxmibai decides to divert the attention of the British forces, while others fled the fort from the rear gate. Raghunath Rao is alarmed on noticing Laxmibai going alone to confront the British. 

He and Karma go after her. However, Moropant stops them. With Damodar tied to her back, Laxmibai charges at the British and manages to cut through British ranks. Meanwhile, Moropant leads the subjects out of the fort. 

Rao Dulaju warns Laxmibai that escape was futile. Laxmibai declares she had never fled battlefield and it was only to achieve her objective. Moropant, Karma, Kali and Raghunath Rao manage to help the subjets escape from the fort. 

Karma stays back inside the fort and is slain by the British. When Capt Hugh Rose attacks Laxmibai, Rao Dulaju takes the opportunity to atack her from behind. Damodar notices Rao Dulaju approaching with dagger drawn and tries to warn Laxmibai. 

Having lost his speech, Laxmibai fails to hear the prince’s warning. Laxmibai hears Damodar’s warning in time and slays Rao Dulaju. Laxmibai is happy on Damodar regaining his voice. 

Capt Hugh Rose fires at Laxmibai. However, Karma pushes Laxmibai away and takes the bullet. Laxmibai injures Capt Hugh Rose, who is rushed to safety by British soldiers. Laxmibai convinces Karma to flee along with her and Damodar. But to her surprise, British soldiers cut her escape. 

For the sake of Laxmibai’s safety, Karma takes on the British soldiers and stops them from chasing the Queen. 

Laxmibai jumps from the ramparts of the fort and manages to escape. Before leaving, Laxmibai warns Capt Mac that she will return. 

Capt Mac is furious at Laxmibai’s escape and gets irritated when Karma not only praises Laxmibai for her bravery but also insults him and his British army. 

Laxmibai believes the danger would diminish once she crossed Jhansi’s boundary. 

Will Laxmibai manage to win back Jhansi?

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 460–462 Update on Monday 27th August 2018

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