Heart of a Champion Update on Wednesday 26th June 2019

Tita and Fabi stop the fight between Joel and Quique about his thoughts that, Joel having Nelson’s watch on means he paid him to destroy Rey’s name.
Nadia intentionally complains to Jose Antonio and Maika that Tita slapped her when she tried because Tita slapped her but Jose Antonio refuses to believe that because she thinks Tita is a good person meanwhile, Maika believes her mum. On the other hand, Mr. Emiliano and her daughter Valeria think that Nadia is exaggerating because the Tita they know can’t even hurt a fly.
Tita tells Rey that during the fight Quique said something like Nelson paying Joel with her watch to tarnish his image but Fabi thinks they should investigate into it and know how true that could be but Rey assures Fabi he believes Quique and therefore he doesn’t want to see Joel anymore.
Joel gives back Nelson’s watch to him and says he will buy one at the black market so to shut Quique up. Nelson then gives him a Tablet so to encourage him to go on helping him. A newspaper accuses Tita of wining the Bomb over to give impulse to her son’s career. Fabi and Angela are happy to be working together.
Tita is getting ready for her wedding and she looks really very nervous. There, Beba tells Tita that her blind date hit on Delfino and Tita says it will be nice if they give themselves a chance. Beba states that if that is okay with her then she is cool to start with Delfino. Jose Antonio informs Freda and Gonzo that he’ll be their financial tutor and it is Tita who asked him to help them in their business.
Valeria is going to teach Rey on his driving and there she proposes to him if they can take their relationship or dating to another level and Rey accepts to be Valeria’s boyfriend. Angela confesses to Dante that she still loves Daniel and wish they are together.
Fabi asks Quique to solve things with Joel by apologizing to him because it turns out that the watch, he had on that brought about the confrontation is his and not Nelson’s but Quique thinks that Fabi is no naïve and that is why people always deceive her.
Salome advises her daughter to fight for Rey’s love no matter what. The Bomb Rodriguez goes to invite Nadia and her husband to their wedding and Mr. Emiliano is pleased that the then top goal scorer of their time is the husband of Tita but Nadia starts throwing tantrums as usual.
Valeria goes to see Tita and she tells her that she really loves Rey and so she asks Tita to give her a chance to prove she’s the best for her son because Rey has a very good heart and Tita agrees. Mr. Pedro thanks the Bomb for being there for her daughter and thanks him very much for loving her and Daniel promises to take good care of her and he wishes Tita and Daniel all the happiness in the world. Mr. Emiliano also arrives to support them as well as all of the family and loved ones. and Tita get married by the civil law.
Emiliano asks Nadia for the agency’s financial statements and she acts very reluctant and so he makes it clear t her that he will ask the audit agency to come over to the office and get it for him and Nadia careless.
It’s now time for the church wedding and Tita arrives arm-in-arm with Pedro walking down the altar. Surprisingly, the bossu chena almighty Waldo arrives to stop Tita’s religious wedding saying that she is still his wife and therefore she can’t marry anyone else and everyone stuns.
Tita tells him she was told he is dead but he tells Tita that, he is not even though it took just 10yers for him to return and Tita asks him if 10yrs is only and he says he admits it’s a long time but the truth is he had a terrible accident and he lost his memory where he couldn’t remember anything or anyone and went missing but after regaining his memory, he decided to come back home to see his family and that is why she won’t let him marry much less the Bomb Rodriguez.
This almost ended up in fight but they separate the two men and Tita not being able to contain the shock, she runs out of the church and left with his driver making everyone worried.
Rey confronts his father for ruining everything for his mum because just when she was about to achieve happiness, he arrives from the grave to destroy that happiness. Rey doesn’t want to believe his fairytales but he asks Fabi to listen to his explanation and he promises to never leave them again. Everybody is in the lookout for Tita’s where about because she is not at the new apartment neither is she at the boarding house and they start getting worried because she is nowhere to be found unknowingly to them that she is at Jose Antonio’s apartment because she had no key to her house and not only that but she never wants to see anyone because she looks depressed about the situation.
Salome upon arriving home with Froylan, she comments that Tita deserves what just happened to her because that is her payback for trying to convince Froylan to fall for Beba and for flirting with him. Froylan tells her that he hopes she realizes how wrong she is for saying all those things. Meanwhile, Martina is tormented because she is afraid that Waldo might reveal the secret behind their then affair and also their jewelry things.
Waldo arrives at the new apartment and he can’t believe his eyes for the huge and wonderful apartment his son is living in but Pedro confronts Waldo for being a jerk to have the gut to even show up after 10yrs after making up he was dead and he also tells him that he shouldn’t think they will believe that his so called memory lost story. He tells them he doesn’t feel well and this was after nobody has no news about his daughter Tita but Valeria has the idea that Tita could be with a neighbor.
At Jose Antonio’s apartment, Tita has too much wine and gets drunk. Jose Antonio then wants to give her a cup of coffee to Tita to sober her up since he thinks Tita is drinking too much and it’s also not her thing. He goes to get the coffee but Tita continues drinking from the main champagne bottle.
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