Heart of a Champion Update on Tuesday 11th June 2019

Salome asks Tita not to tell Beba and Freda about her supposed illness and Tita assures her.Martina tells Bonifacio that upon realizing the he could have lost his life with the robbery case, she realized how much she truly loves him.Sergio Coyote wants the Bomb to speak to his son Gonzo to go back to the field and play football again but the Bomb tells him that he can do perfectly that but it’s unfortunate that his son has a different vision in life which he doesn’t really support him on that. Tita then reminds Coyote that, through this insisting, he’s lost his wife Ines already so he shouldn’t force his son Gonzo to pursue something he doesn’t love to and lose him also in the end.Days goes by and Rey goes through his therapy with help of his loved one and alongside too, he and Gonzo studies and after days, Daniel is able to train him again together with Quique and Gonzo and now he is fit to play again. Tita then goes to see Dante to do everything to get Rey back to the field because she is playing good than before and Dante decides to think about it because he states that it’s difficult gaining a contract for an injured player.Later Dante calls Tita to inform her that he’s agreed to get Rey back to the field and this was when Tita has also met both Rey and Daniel to tell them what transpired with conversation she had with Dante and his response. Rey then becomes so happy and Daniel congratulates him.Rey, Gonzo and Freda have graduated from the high school or SHS and during their graduation party at the boarding house, mad. Ines arrives to join the rest of the household to support her son Gonzo and the rest of the children.Freda arrives to give the three of them their super gift and they appreciate her for the nice gesture.Coyote decides to use the opportunity to speak with Ines to come back to him now that the Taco shop is doing well but she says no because he still insists on forcing Gonzo to pursue what he doesn’t want in life. Coyote then says he is going to respect what Gonzo wants from now but he still wants her to be back with him but Ines says no.Valeria then tries stealing Rey’s attention but his mum draws his attention to the fact that his actions are hurting Freda silently by entertaining Valeria and leaving Freda’s side which looks very disrespectful towards Freda but Rey says Freda is not bothered that he is with Valeria. Tita asks him to not play dumb and think Freda isn’t hurt. He has to respect his woman and so should therefore go and be with Freda.Karina bids goodbye to Gonzo because she wants to go begin a new cycle in a different world now that she has broken up with her boyfriend.Salome this time around fall sick whiles the celebration was ongoing and after Froylan took her to the hospital, it turns out she actually have a gravely sickness and that means she actually has little time left in life. This is very real unlike the one she connived with some doctor to fake that illness up. But the good thing is if she should get treatment early, she can make it, if not then her days are short. This actually dawns on her and she broke out of tears.Freda falls sick and Rey together with Tita and the Bomb take her to the hospital. Freda asks Rey to go for the trail with the Buffalos and promises him that she is going to be fine when in fact she’s already been told by the doctor that she lost her baby but she didn’t tell Rey because she wanted him to put in his best at the trail. She only mentioned the truth to Tita when she came to check on her and seriously Freda feels very depressed because the doctor said she had an infection and that caused that.Froylan upon hearing that blames himself that he is the caused of the miscarriage all because he told Freda about her mum’s illness but Tita asks him to not blame himself because there are times one is tested without any sin or any wrongdoing at all.Beba sees Coronel and a lady having fun at a restaurant and she becomes so shocked that he could cheat on Martina as such. She then reveals to Martina to be very careful because it looks like now her husband is becoming the dream of everyone woman or better still indirectly Beba asks her if he’d been flirting with any woman around but Martina thinks Coronel is incapable of doing that. She asks Martina if Coronel might be cheating on her and this makes Martina go hurting and begins throwing tantrums telling Beba that she just wants to put negative thoughts in her mind and fowl ideas in her minds.Rey arrives home and Freda gives him the bad news that they lost the baby and she feels like dying but Rey asks her to not blame herself because it’s not her fault.Tita encourages Rey to accept reality and put up his best and do everything to support Freda in this hard time because they have to get through the pain together.The household supports Freda to mourn a while for the passing away of her child. She asks the baby to forgive her if she did anything bad against it to prevent it from being born into this world. They all console her and Rey. Martina calms Freda down and tells her everything will be fine because she is still young and have a whole life ahead of her.
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