Heart of a Champion Update on Thursday 13th June 2019

Sarah goes to the hospital to get a cornea transplant but she turns out to be allergic to the anesthesia and due to that the cornea is giving to another patient and she looks so depressed after Quique told her and that means she’s lost her chance to have the surgery ones again after being on the waiting list for a long. She then doesn’t want to try again and believes she is resigned to a life of blindness. Seriously, she looks so depressed as well as  Quique.Salome wears the same wedding gown she wore before for her marriage to Froylan and they both get married in the tenement house with everyone witnessing but Beba looking tearful because she lost Froylan.
Rey tells Quique that Freda broke up with him and he asks him if he is deciding to go out with Valeria who he can even say that she might be the reason why Freda broke up with him and Rey says No but he wished that Freda became like Valeria who is very open unlike Freda who is very introvert or wishes that Valeria becomes like Freda and this looks like Rey is confused about the his decision. Quique then thinks that Rey is then in deep trouble.Bomb introduces Rey to the players of the “Grasshoppers” team he coaches and he is welcome gladly by the team making him look so happy.
Tita and Beba visit Doctor Solis to ask them if indeed Salome is sick dying and he informs them that Salome is quite healthy, that she is faking her illness. Casting our mind back, remember this the doctor Salome planed her illness with him first so to get Froylan’s attention not the second one she was taking to when she got sick the second time who diagnosed her actual present sickness.The whole house during dinning makes Ginger thus Colonel’s niece to feel at home and asks her to know that she is welcome anytime she feels like coming home after she leaves to the united states and she thanks them all.
Later on, whiles Salome tries sweeping and started to cough and asking Beba to help her out, she tells her to let Froylan do that because it looks like that is his job. After Froylan arrived to assist Salome, he asks her why she is being mean towards Salome and Beba mentions to Froylan that Salome is taking advantage of him because as it is her daughter told her and Tita that Salome’s sickness is all a farce or lie but he doesn’t believe what she said.
Tita tells the Bomb about what the Doctor told them about Salome being very healthy and not the Sickler she is claiming, Daniel says that means the marriage is now based on a lie. Tita now even looks worried for what Beba is even capable of doing to Salome and Daniel says the two women have lived together for a long time and doesn’t think the two will do anything crazy to each other.Salome collapses and looking very alarmed, Martina informs Froylan and Beba that Salome is dying and that she has already called an ambulance but Beba still thinks it’s a trick.At the hospital, Salome asks Tita to help her with the cost of her treatment because she never wants to die as she can’t stand to lose her loved ones and family. Discussing it with Rey by Tita, Rey offers to pay for the treatment.
Julian is a supportive coach and a friend to the Bomb and he asks Daniel to give him some money to bail his son and Daniel agrees to give him the money.Beba informs Tita that she went to the hospital to look for Doctor Solis so he could talk to Froylan himself that Salome is faking things but she was told he left the hospital went away for leave and she can’t locate him. Tita then tells Beba that she can confirm Salome is indeed ill but it looks like they Both contemplate as to why he told them that Salome wasn’t ill when in fact she is.It’s another Crucial match for the grasshoppers and the Buffalos and both Arsenio and the Bomb individually cheer up their respective players so that they do their best and win the Mexico Cup. To everybody’s surprise, a few seconds before the game which is a tie finishes, Rey scores the goal which makes the “Grasshoppers” victorious and the Grasshoppers carries Rey for scoring the winning goal.
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