Heart of a Champion Update on Thursday 11th July 2019

THURSDAY UPDATE ON HEART OF A CHAMPIONIn front of Tita, Nadia proposes a toast to the executives to congratulates the Bomb for his successful ad campaign for the company and also to his recent marriage to Angela and though Tita responds to the toast proposed by Daniel to celebrate Daniel and his wife Angela, Tita really looked bad and has to cover her pain with the glass of champagne she carries in her hand.Martina looks so worried about the situation but tells Freda that if she should have at least gotten a little bit of evidence to prove that she was even the fault of what happened she would have been okay and accept the blame. Freda tells Martina that there’s a chance that nothing happened between Coyote and her since they were both heavily drunk to have even tried making love together. Martina says that might be true but what evidence can she have to even prove to Bonifacio so to believe her that eve though he saw Coyote’s panties half down in their bedroom nothing happened and that makes the whole situation hopeless for her since the problem can’t be fixed. Jose Antonio tries to cheer Tita up with some jokes but no matter how much he tries, Tita sees no fun in his jokes since she is deeply hurt after seeing the Bomb and Angela as couples. Gonzo and Karina know that it will be hard for Coyote to accept their relationship, so they plan to go on a trip to visit Gonzo’s mother Ines and her grandma. Bomb and Angela talk about having children. Valeria tells Maika that she nowadays she thinks that things between her and Rey are not same as before and Maika tells her that she should understand that men are replaceable and so if Rey doesn’t treat her the way he should then it’s hard time she looks for another man who can offer her a good future. Jose Antonio kisses Tita and Maika creates a scandal over it. Still, Jose tells Tita that he wants her to be his girlfriend, but Tita tells him not to get his hopes up. Delfino tells Beba that he is in love with her; Beba tells him to go slowly because she’s still in love with Froylan. Fabi and Rey notice that Tita might feel certain attraction for Jose Antonio and asks her to date him so that Daniel will not think she is weeping over him but Tita says no because she wouldn’t do anything just out of spite but will only do that to have a relationship with him. This makes the children to think she have some affection for Jose then. Nelson and Maika plan a negative campaign on social media against Jose Antonio and Tita that the Bomb broke up with her because she spent the night with another man called Jose Antonio. Tita then quickly figures out that, Maika is behind it.Valeria tells Freda that Rey is paying for Salome’s treatment. Rey meets with his father and there he tells Waldo that he wants to give him a monthly allowance, and cynically, he accepts it. Quique tries to make love with Fabi but she becomes so anxious and looks not ready to be intimate with him and she asks him to please be patient with her and not get angry since she wants him to wait a while so she can pull herself together. Quique then agrees with her. Angela shows The Bomb the fake news circulating on social media that he dumbed Tita because she had an affair with another. Angela then states that it means it’s true and that Tita and that guy had an affair. The Bomb states that, he is glad his suspicions were proven right and that he also realized it before Tita could cheat on him. Angela later tried to make love with Daniel but he turned her down.Rey tells Freda that he still cares very much about her and her family and that is why he decided to pay for her mum’s medication but the only reason why he also moved away from her side was because she kept being distant with him. Freda then tells Rey that she stepped away from him because she thought that he wanted to be with Valeria and not her. Rey still thinks she should have been a bit jealous when he moved away from her to be with another woman and Freda says he should know that even though she did, she never wanted to so dramatic to get that attention. Freda kisses him of guard but feels bad and left apologizing to him for the kiss because Rey is still with Valeria. On the other hand, it’s gives Rey some hope and he continuously shows a smiley face. Grandpa Pedro arrives in the city and everyone in the family becomes very happy but he later gets saddened upon hearing about Tita and Bomb’s break up and got married to another woman. Martina gets more jealous of Rufis day by day since now it looks like she spends 24/7 hours with Bonifacio as his nurse whiles she Martina never gets that chance as he continues to reject her help. Fabi visits her dad in his new residence and she compliments his dad for acquiring herself such a wonderful place. Whiles talking, Nadia opens the door with a spare key and after entering, Fabi asks her dad why that woman is there and why she came in with a spare key and the two become speechless.
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