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Riya thanking Nimmi for stopping the marriage. She says now she understood why Nimmi did so. Shivam says I told Nimmi to stop the bride from going for Jaimala. Shivam goes out. Nimmi tells Riya that she has worn Shivam’s choice of lehenga and leaves. Pari comes and taunts Shivam, saying she will get pandit here, she is ashamed to call them her siblings. Shivam says its not her marriage, she loves Amit, her anger is justified, it was wrong what happened with Amit, I should also say sorry to him.
Rani tells her aunty to talk to Sarla. Aunty tells Rani that she will fix Rani’s proposal and she has property on her name too. Sarla hears them. Rani acts and shows she is sad. Her aunty asks her not to be after Amit, don’t know who will marry Amit. Rani says it won’t
look good if Amit goes back without marrying. Her aunty asks her not to see Amit again. Sarla stops Rani and says you did so much to marry Amit, when its time to stand by his side, you are leaving, you should have supported him. Rani says I m ready but… Sarla tells Ashok that she has to take big decision and wants his support. He gets glad and asks what is it.Rani and her aunty smile. Sarla and Ashok come to Raghav, Shanti and Amit. Sarla says we decided that we will make Amit marry Rani. Amit says she won’t marry Rani. Sarla says you will marry her. Shanti asks her why is she forcing Amit. Raghav asks Sarla to listen, its not necessary to keep marriage now. Sarla says I have taken this decision, I want this marriage to happen, Amit is my son, I did not ask anyone’s advice, I have seen the result.
Raghav asks her to listen. Amit says I will explain mum. Raghav says she is angry. Riya gets ready and says Shivam is lucky as he got lovely sisters, Nimmi did so much to stop Jaimala, she did big favor on me, I m really thankful to her. Bunty says this is partiality, did I not do anything? Riya says thanks to this sandal, which delayed the marriage. Bunty says give credit to sandal, I forgot the sandal at home intentionally, else you would have married someone else. Riya and Bunty smile.
Amit asks Sarla how can she decide this, think you were pushing Rani away, and today you want her to be your bahu. Sarla says if you go without marrying, you will get your nose cut, you will marry in this mandap. He says Shanti did this. Sarla says we will see Amma later, I did so much to get you marry Riya, but now I want you to marry Rani.
Rani comes to Sarla and says Sasumaa. Sarla says you are really fast. I m talking about the marriage and you started calling me Sasumaa. Rani says I regard you mum in law since childhood. Sarla asks her to touch her feet and fixes Rani and Amit’s marriage. Bua asks Anupam not to react anything. Shanti and Raghav ask Sarla to think again. Amit leaves Rani’s hand angrily. Raghav asks her to ask Amit, is he ready? Sarla says I don’t need to ask anyone, Rani will become my bahu. Shanti asks Raghav to let them do what they want, and asks him to go and get some items for the new bride. Sarla gives her bangles.
Shanti asks Raghav to get bridal dress. Sarla wears bangles back and says that necklace was there for Amit’s wife. Raghav says no, it was for Riya, I will get something for Rani. Shanti says we will pay the amount in installments. Raghav says what shall I do in one day? Sarla cries. Rani smiles seeing her. Sarla asks Ashok to listen to her, its all over and ruined. He says you took the decision, so be happy now, stop crying, and asks her to have cold drink. Shanti sees Sarla crying and asks Ashok not to make Sarla cry. She asks him to go with Raghav.
Sarla stays annoyed with Shanti. A guest talks to Shanti. Sarla is angry as her bahu did not get the big necklace. Rani says she has got the bridal dress, she was sure she will marry Amit. Sarla asks Pari to make Rani ready. Kaushalya asks shall we call parlor lady. Sarla says have pity on me. Amit asks whats happening, you said Riya will not do any issue, I m leaving now. Shanti looks on.
Bua says I m worried, now Shanti will be with Riya. Riya says don’t worry. Anupam says I respect Shanti a lot, Sarla is making Amit marrying someone else. Riya asks what, did Amit agree? Bua says Sarla is adamant, poor Amit. Riya asks did the girl agree? Bua says Rani was looking happy. Riya says she is their neighbor. Bua says she wants Riya to get married soon. Anupam says he did not get groom’s clothes and sehra. Bua says we will tell them.
Sarla tries convincing Amit to marry Rani, and says Rani has 10 acres land, I heard her talking to her aunty. Amit says this info can be wrong too, but do paperwork first. Sarla says don’t worry, I will do it. Sonal comes to them and says mummy said Amit is marrying Priya. Sarla asks her to shut up and not tell this to anyone. Shanti comes and Sarla leaves. Amit asks Shanti to leave them alone. Shanti tells Sonal that she did right decision, I know Sarla and Amit felt bad.
Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Shivam is getting ready. Kaushalya says its all tension here, Amit and Rani’s marriage is fixed. Nimmi asks why. Kaushalya says Sarla is worried for Amit, don’t laugh. Nimmi hugs Kaushalya and smiles. Shanti scolds them for celebrating when Sarla is crying. She says she will not forgive them. Kaushalya says I did not do anything. Shanti says you should have found out. Kaushalya apologizes. Sarla goes seeing Shanti.
Sarla looks for Rani’s aunty. Her aunty asks Sarla to ask her about Rani and Amit’s marriage. Sarla says Rani has gone to get ready as bride. She says she wants land papers first then marriage will happen. Aunty says you are getting benefit in helplessness. Sarla argues and asks her to send someone to get papers. Aunty says let marriage happen first, it belongs to Rani. Sarla says don’t act smart, if you don’t get papers, take Rani home, I will take Amit home. Aunty says I will go and get papers. Shanti comes to Sarla and asks her why is she running. Sarla cries and says everyone is my enemy, my mum cheated me. Shanti says how to explain her now.
Nimmi and Preeti tell about Amit and Rani’s marriage. He says Rani loves Amit a lot. Nimmi compliments Shivam. Sarla cries. Amit asks her to stop it, no one is seeing her drama. Sarla says I m really sad, Shanti has cheated me, I did not wish you to marry Rani before. Amit asks Sarla to end relations with Shanti. Sarla cries and says I don’t have any mum. Shanti calls her to come. Amit takes Sarla and asks Shanti to let it be, mum is not well, don’t give her tension. Shanti sees Kaushalya happy and scolds her. She curses Kaushalya. Kaushalya cries and says don’t curse me, I have served you all my life, I did not know about this, I m saying truth, I m sad for Sarla and you. Shanti asks her to see did Raghav come or not. She says if you smile at marriage time, I will understand you are happy.
Riya tells Bunty that she is scared. Bunty says everything will be fine. Riya says Sarla aunty will be feeling so bad. Bunty says you know to win hearts, I m sure you will win their hearts. Raghav and Ashok come back. Raghav tells Shanti that this marriage is happening from his home, so they can’t take Amit to his home now, they will send Amit and Rani to Sarla’s home. The pandit asks for groom and bride. Kaushalya says she has called Shivam, Amit and their brides. Shanti asks Kaushalya to play shank at Amit’s marriage. Kaushalya asks will their marriage be together. Shanti says Amit is elder, his marriage will be first.
Pari makes Rani ready. Rani’s aunty comes and gives the papers to Sarla. She asks her to check and confirm from lawyer. Sarla asks her to be in limits. Pari asks Rani to come. They leave. Rani’s aunty tells her that she is happy, that you are going to trouble Sarla. The pandit starts the mantras and does tilak to Shivam, and Amit. He asks them to call the brides for Jaimala. Riya comes and Shivam smiles seeing her, while Amit gets sad. Rani’s aunty brings her. Rani and Shivam smile seeing each other. Amit stares at Riya and is upset seeing Rani.
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