Family Affairs Update on Saturday 13th July 2019

Shivam says he thought Amit is marrying Priya. Sarla says what shall I do now, tell me Raghav. Shanti says she did not hear Priya from anyone and looks at Sarla angrily. Shivam says he called Riya and her sister Priya spoke to him. Riya says my phone got stolen. He says we were in contact after you got it. She says I don’t have my phone. Shanti understands Sarla’s game and scolds Shivam. Shivam says my mistake is I did not talk to Riya about relation. Raghav asks why did he not talk, did he always listen to him. Shivam says before I could say, I wanted to become independent, I lost my job, when I got the job, Dadi applied for leave, then sent me to get mehendi, then to get water from Sangam, I did not get chance to tell anyone.

Raghav asks is Shanti responsible
for this. He says if everyone is bad, then leave from here, Sarla says he did this to insult us and ruin Amit’s life. Riya apologizes to her. She says Amit would have not been cheated if she was not mistaken. Sarla says your mum did not give you values. Bua says Sarla….don’t talk about values, you are wrong, Riya admitted her mistake, the marriage did not happen, it would be mistake if Riya married Amit, try to understand, Riya and Amit’s marriage is not right, her marriage with Shivam is right. Preeti, Nimmi and Rani smile. Sarla cries. Anupam apologizes. Sarla says my son got insulted.
She says Riya will marry Amit, or this baraat will go back. Shanti says she does not wish to stay here now, and asks Kaushalya to wind up. She says Raghav the baraat will go back. Anupam says we will sit and talk. Raghav says this matter is out of sense now, I know Riya and Shivam’s mistake, but how can I join their relation by this bitterness. He says he can’t do injustice with one to do justice with another, this marriage is tough.

Shivam asks Kaushalya to think, Riya’s life will be ruined, she won’t marry anyone. Kaushalya says I asked you before, you don’t trust me, I would have requested Shanti and Raghav to get you married. Shanti scolds them and asks them to come home. Riya and Shivam cry. Riya asks Bua to stop them, do anything. Bua says if marriage happens, will they accept you, you won’t have respect, its not two people’s marriage, its two families union. Amit asks Sarla to do anything. Sarla says its all over. The baraat starts leaving. Shivam stops Raghav and says two persons did mistake, why should one person get punished, if I leave today, it will be wrong with Riya, I will fall on my eyes too.

He says he loves Riya, she told truth infront of so many people, if I don’t stand with her, then shame on me, world will laugh on me, my life will be ruined, I will be a bad person. The man tells Anupam that if baraat leaves, people will make fun of Riya. The lady asks Anupam how did he not find out well. Raghav goes to Shivam and asks what is he saying, is he capable to take this responsibility? Shivam says I m your son, I will run with mountain on my shoulder if needed, but I will not leave supporting Riya.

Shanti asks will he leave family, fine we end our relations with you. Raghav stops Shanti. He says Shivam is saying right, He asks Shanti to decide and he will go with her decision, there are many lives which will change by her decision. Riya says she will not marry like this, I m sorry, Shivam is supporting me, but I did not had to marry like this, I want everyone’s love. She apologizes to Raghav and says she did not do anything intentionally, if this happened with Preeti or Nimmi, what would you do? Shanti says no one likes so, we have respect of daughters. Riya says you said I m like your daughter, you do my justice. She says its not justice that three lives get hurt by one misunderstanding.

Raghav asks Shanti to think well, Riya is saying right. Ashok says even I feel so. Raghav asks Shanti to decide and say it, if they take baraat and go, they also have daughters. Raghav says just Shanti can decide well here. Shanti says what can I decide, I can’t hurt anyone’s heart. Sarla smiles. Raghav says just one wrong decision makes person fall in his eyes, you know it, you are a woman, think from woman’s eyes, think about Riya, we came here to join relations, not break it.

She says she will decide the right thing, Riya’s marriage will happen with Shivam. Sarla is shocked. Shivam, Riya and their families get glad. Amit stands angry. Shivam happily cries. Rani and her aunty smiles. Raghav holds Shanti and says she took right decision. Sarla cries for Amit. Shanti asks Shivam to go and come as the groom. She signs Kaushalya to take Shivam. Shivam takes her and Raghav’s blessings. Shanti asks Riya to get her makeup right. Raghav asks Ashok to explain Sarla.

Amit is angry and says Shivam is marrying Riya, I wish to put the mandap on fire. Sarla says Shanti is dead for me. Amit says that old woman, she did this, we did not get anything, what are we doing here, shall we wait for Vidaai, lets leave. Ashok stops them and asks Sarla what happened, you said Amit and Riya love each other. Sarla says Riya changed and now loves Shivam, what shall I do. Ashok says Dohas and says truth always wins. Amit says everyone will joke on me. Ashok asks him to be happy for Shivam. Bindu asks Sarla what happened. Sarla asks her to take nek from others. Bindu taunts her. Sarla asks her to leave. Bindu says I will see the marriage and go. She asks her to change, its still time. Shanti comes to talk to Sarla. Sarla leaves. Bindu says Sarla is very sad and smiles.

Ashok explains Amit and says its his mistake too, he should have met Riya after marriage was fixed. Amit says I was about to, but I got office work. Shanti asks Ashok to send Sarla to her, and talks to Amit. Raghav says we can’t force the girl to marry you and explains him to accept this. Bunty tells Riya that thank Lord Shivam came on time. Shivam comes to meet Riya. Bunty leaves. Kabhi jo badal barse………….plays……… Shivam walks to Riya. He asks is she fine. She says if you did not come on time, and support me then….

He hugs her and apologizes to her. She cries. He says he was afraid that she can’t adjust in his house, his family is different, just Shanti decides in his house, he can’t cheat anyone, so he was running away from this relationship. She says your love is everything for me. I can do anything for your love and can stay anywhere, and about your family, its good family. He says you are not understanding, my Dadi… She says I find her cute. He says I know you are accepting this for me. She says no, trust me. She says Shanti supported us, I don’t have mum, if she was here, and was angry one, would I not agree to her. She says I love you, I m ready to accept this. He says if you feel its compromise… She says no, I m doing this from my heart, if I don’t like anything, I will tell you, every relation has ups and downs, it does not mean love ends. He hugs her.
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