Fall Into Temptation Episode 75 Update on Monday 1st September 2018


THE PAST: Damian calls Carolina whiles the celebration is ongoing and she asks him to stop calling to see her as she’s very busy with the baby’s baptism.
Raquel goes to see Damian at the office and invites him to dinner and she asks him what he did again and he says he was just at the office and Raquel shows him a picture of the photo he took at Benjamin’s Baptism and questions him about why he didn’t tell her that he will be going to the baptism and Damian tells her that he only presented a gift to the baby and Raquel also says she also did same but she gave it to the children to give it to child and so she understands that he also do love Benjamin as her. Damian then agrees to go with her to the dinner.

Santiago has had too much to drink and Florencia takes Santiago to his bedroom to make him rest and in the act, Santiago mistook her for Carolina and tells her that he loves her very much and like seriously like joke, Florencia kisses him but she pulls back quickly immediately Carolina enters and she excused her to take care of her husband.

Santiago gains consciousness and tells Carolina that he actually loved the kiss she gave him and Carolina mentions to him that maybe it was in his dreams because she never kissed him and he says may be that was in his dream. Santiago receives a call from Raquel and tells Carolina it’s Nacho calling because maybe he wants to ridicule him for drinking above dose but he never answered.
Same vein, Raquel also receives a call and Damian asks her where she is going and he tells him that, she is going to the foundation.

Santiago goes out without telling his wife Carolina and unfortunately for him, Nacho arrives home looking for him and Carolina asks him if he and Santiago has a meeting and he says no and she tries covering up for him but in all Carolina determine that he’s lying and Nacho tells her that actually he doesn’t know where Santiago has gone too.

Santiago calls Raquel to meet her somewhere and unfortunately for Raquel, Dr. Altube also calls at the Beckers house looking for Raquel because she’s not arrived at the foundation still and seriously, this makes Damian wonders why since it’s been a while she departed.

Raquel and Santiago meet at the office of the catering company and whiles trying to convince her to not dissolve her partnership with Carolina, Damian and Carolina speaks on phone and upon discussion about Santiago leaving the house without telling her and Raquel stating that she is going to the foundation but never went, they become suspicious that the two may be together. So, they decide to seize the opportunity to meet at the catering company too and upon arriving there together, they find Raquel and Santiago already there and this makes everyone doubt their partner that each of them could be having something to do with the other’s spouse.

THE PRESENT: Bebo arrives to check on Lola but she kicks him out of her life for good because she thinks she isn’t a good person for Bebo to fall in love with her.
Rodolfo puts Andres in the picture about the situation and asks him to wash his hands of anything he has to do with Miguel and if that happens, they can put everything on Miguel.

Nico goes to Alina’s firm to ask her if he can still have his job and Alina tries seducing him again but unfortunately for them, Lola arrives to speak with her to get advice about the problem of Patricia and how her mum wants her to testify and also about Miguel being Patricia’s lover and a drug dealer too but a friend to Andres and Alina assures her that she will help her to get through the matter.

Santiago mentions to Nacho that Damian woke up and that he’s afraid that he’ll lose Raquel for good. Quickly, some strange people arrive to see Santiago and he asks them why they are there because he remember telling him not to look for him again. Suddenly we are shown a flashback where Santiago meets with a guy and he gives him a brown envelope warning him to never wants to see him again and he should never open his mouth too. Coming back to reality, he asks the guys to go and tell their boss that he will see him and pay him the rest of the money later. This makes Nacho worried though he actually never heard the conversation between them and Santiago says those guys want job but he will sort them out later.

The doctor confirms to Raquel and her children that Damian has come out of the coma and it’s not just a reflex action but a very good sign.
Laura visits Godoy at the hospital and says she was worried upon hearing that he was shot and she expresses her lover for him and how she wants him to come back home and he tells her he doesn’t believe her and also, he is not interested in her anymore.

Andres tells Miguel that now the police is investigating the account of the company and so he can’t continue to work with him because he could be ruined in the end and Miquel says they should get rid of that female Lawyer and then after they can do everything to close the case and that he can’t backout and so he should give him the name of that lawyer so he can finish her and Andres asks Miguel to give him the names of the people involved in the money laundering and that in exchange he will give him the name of the lady lawyer.

The doctor explains to Raquel and Miriam about the slow process of Damian’s recovery.
Raquel and Miriam argue as each wants to tell Damian the truth about the other and Miriam is willing to tells Damian about Raquel’s relationship with Santiago and Raquel is also eager to tell Damian about all of the maltreatment Miriam put them through whiles in coma. But she asks Miriam to take Benjamin back to his family but Miriam says they are his family now that his real father is awake.

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