Fall Into Temptation Episode 63 Update on Thursday 20th September 2018

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THE PAST: Damian asks Carolina if she is jealous of Raquel and she tells him that is in not it but all she is trying to say is that they will get caught one day and she will not know what to tell her family and so they have to quit but Damian refuses to do so because he can’t forget her since he loves her deeply with all his heart and she says to him that if he truly loves her, he has to stay away from her.
Augustin tells his cousin Florencia that he regrets now for asking her to go work in Santiago’s house because he can tell that she’s fallen in love with him but she asks Agustin not to worry about her, because even if she did like Santiago, she would never do anything to hurt his family.
Santiago tells Nacho and Agustin about how good and wonderful personality Florencia is helping with him with Benjamin and the house chores too and Augustin gets upset upon hearing all the praises Santiago sang for his cousin.

Godoy tells Antonio that he slept with the witness (Celia), and that she even went ahead and told Laura that he was harassing her sexually and now he doesn’t know what to do since that could ruin his career and Antonio is willing to help him.
Andres tries harassing and intimidating Lola at the company but Damian arrives to warn him to stay away from Lola and stop bothering her if not, he will strike his face.

THE PRESENT: Vicente goes to the company to ask Andres for money so he can leave town because he owes a lot of money to a man who is threatening to open his mouth to the police about their secrets if he doesn’t pay him. He also warns Andres that he shouldn’t try doing anything bad to him because even if that should happen, a friend of his has a letter detailing all of Andres’ shady dealings and if he (Vicente) go down, he (Andres) will also go down too.
Alina tells Miriam that it’s not easy to accuse Santiago without proof, but at least he is still under investigation.

Lola calls Juan and warns him to never come close to her again because she never wants to see him and Juan says that can’t happen because that child is his but Lola says it is hers alone and Juan apologizes to her but she tells him that he will feel even more sorry after she reports him to the police and Juan threatens to kill Lola but Bebo calms her down and promises to protect her but she should file a case against Juan.

Raquel files a police report against Juan that he attacked Lola and she needs them to arrest him and Antonio promises that they will proceed immediately.
Laura goes after Cynthia at the catering to confront her if her husband Godoy is there with her and Cynthia tells Laura that she is not romantically involved with Godoy and asks her to stop pestering her and her family.

Fede tells Luz that he is coming back to work but it will be at the administration side so he can defend his mum’s interest. He then asks her to go out on a date so they can get to know each other better and Luz reveals to him that she has a 4yr son who she had whiles at 16yrs and Fede accepts to go with her so she can go pick up her son from school.

Damian’s doctor tells Raquel and Miriam that from his little observation he can tell that Damian is never going to wake up because his internal organs are not working properly that means there is no improvement and that it’s up to her to decide whether to unplug him or not.

Raquel tells a comatose Damian that she doesn’t want to decide by herself as to unplug him or not as the doctor is asking, and she asks him to give her a sign whether he wants to go meet with Carolina or stay alive to help solve Carolina’s murdering case because he is the only one who knows the truth.
Alina confesses to Santiago in jail that she is in love with Nicolas and he goes surprised.

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