Fall Into Temptation Episode 62 Update Wednesday 19th September 2018


THE PRESENT: Antonio tells Santiago that someone has been spending money with one of Damian’s credit cards and those expenses was made whiles Damian was in a coma and he thinks the person who attacked Damian, stole that credit card and could be the one who killed Carolina and Santiago asks him if he is trying to say that his wife was killed through a simple robbery and Antonio says that could be it that someone provoked the accident but they still have to allow the law to have their own investigations since it was only a credit card missing.
Mia tells Nico that Alina helped Miriam to keep Benjamin.

Raquel gives statement to Alina having facts that, Santiago and Damian only were in partnership and not that Santiago wanted to steal any money from Damian. Alina thinks that this statement will help Santiago’s defense a lot and also, she should not be worried that she is in love with Santiago and Raquel answers Alina that she’s worried about her relationship with Nico.

THE PAST: Laura asks Godoy if Celia seduced him and he couldn’t lie to her but confessed to her and this makes Laura goes ballistic.
Mia tells Raquel that Carolina is not a good woman as she thinks because she envies everything she has but that Raquel disbelieves. Raquel then goes to ask Damian if he is cheating on her and he denies it.

THE PRESENT: Lola is afraid to tell Santiago that she’s expecting Juan’s baby and Bebo asks her to then lie to her dad that he is rather the father of the baby she is expecting because he truly loves her and he will take care of her dad and all the rage he will shower against him.

Miriam speaks with Lola and tells her that she and her family can visit Benjamin whenever they want and so she gives her her address. Rueda then appreciates Miriam about the steps she’s taken to allow the children closer to Benjamin because that will help her defeat Raquel in whatever accusation she wants to says against her. But Miriam still looks nervous and Rueda asks her to reveal to him what exactly could be bothering and depressing her so much about Raquel’s threat
Raquel reproaches Alina for dating Nico who is her employee and Alina thinks She has no right to reproach her since both of them are dating men who are not convenient for them like she who is still dating a man whiles her husband Damian is still alive though in coma.

Luz invites Fede out.
The investigation continues progressing to set Santiago free.
Raquel tells Lola that she’s sorry for not having gone to the doctor with her but she asks her to report Juan to the authorities and Lola says that she will tell Santiago that Juan hit her but only when her dad is freed from jail. Raquel asks her about her decision now and she says, she will keep the baby now though she is afraid and Raquel assures him that she is going to be there for her.
The police now have images of a business where Damian’s card was used.

THE PAST: Raquel reproaches Damian for his indifference towards her considering how he stood by Carolina’s side and not her his wife and Damian tells Raquel that she’s a better person than him which he sometimes even thinks he doesn’t deserve her.

Godoy reproaches Celia for having talked to his wife Laura and they end up making love again.
Mia tells Fede that everything has actually gone wrong and they are always fighting ever since the Alvarados appeared in their lives but Fede tells her that it hurts him that he doesn’t care about him her brother and accept him for who he is whether he is a bisexual, homosexual but the only thing she does to hi mis rebuke him always and that makes him see that his own sister  cannot love anybody except herself.

Nico complains to his dad that he doesn’t understand why his parents argue so much ever since they started having money but when they had no enough money, things were okay and they were more united but Santiago asks him to give him and Carolina some time and he promise that everything will work fine.

Damian tells Carolina that about Raquel asking him if he’s been cheating on her and he says no but about their relationship he only thinks Raquel suspects it but it’s without confirmation so Carolina should relax and not feel anxious. Carolina then tells Damian that she would give anything so she hadn’t met him ever in her life because to him she will continue to be his lover whereas with Santiago, she will be his loving wife and so she tells Damian they have to break up for good and it’s over.

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