Fall Into Temptation Episode 61 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018


THE PRESENT: Raquel visits Santiago in jail and she informs him that she confronted Miriam and she is certain that she will give back Benjamin. Suddenly, he gets very nervous because he sees a woman using the bracelet he gave to Carolina. Santiago confronts Abel asking him if he had something to do with Carolina’s death but Abel says he has no idea what he talking about.
Alina tells Nico that she fell in love with him but it’s so sad that Nico looks seem like a son to her and this feeling has never happened to her before but she can’t demand much from him but all she wants is for Nico to be with her. Suddenly Antonio calls her to let her know that Santiago had a fight in jail and she has to leave.

Antonio interrogates the lady about the bracelet and she says it must be a mistake because she is only there to visit her husband Abel and now she’s been accused of theft. Raquel then explains to Antonio that the bracelet was a present Santiago gave to Carolina and the lady stole it. Antonio then gets the bracelet from the lady to examine and he detects that the inscription on the bracelet was erased and so Antonio asks the lady to tell him the truth as tow where she got that bracelet and the lady goes speechless.

Bebo takes Lola to the hospital and the doctor examines Lola and realizes that she has been beaten and she tells him that she experienced that from her Ex-boyfriend. He then advices her to report the guy to the police to save her life and she assures him she will very soon.
Godoy is tired of his relationship with Laura since she can’t seem to forgive his infidelity but always strangling him with her reference. So, he requests for divorce and he decide to leave the house for good because he doesn’t even love her anymore and Laura asks him to stay but Godoy’s mind is made up.

Cynthia is now supervising the work in the catering premises to assist her sister and Andres arrives and tries to humiliate her by stating that she is food for nothing who nothing good can come out of her and so she should never dream of trying to help Raquel with anything but Cynthia encourages herself to him that, and never allowed him to intimidate her and she tells him that, she will surely do great no matter what.

Raquel arrives at the police station and Alina asks her to leave the investigation unit but the latter asks her if she is trying to throw her out because she dislikes her presence and Alina only thinks the police station isn’t a good place for her but Raquel tell her that her place is next to Santiago.
THE PAST: Santiago recalls when he gave the bracelet to Carolina and it had her name and their wedding date also on it and Carolina looked very happy.

Celia speaks with Laura about the sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of her police caretakers, but without giving any names. She then asks Laura what she can do to have a great protection since she is a journalist but Laura has no help and Celia confronts her that she is only acting like that because her husband is one of the caretakers and that is why she doesn’t want to help her since she wants to protect him.

Mia arrives in Raquel’s company and she realizes that Carolina is not there. Mia then calls Damian to see if he’s with Carolina but fortunately he was home and asks her dad when he got home but still Mia tells Julieta that she doubts her dad and Carolina weren’t together. Julieta thinks Mia is exaggerating about his dad and Carolina having a relationship but Mia asks her to help her as she promised her.

Carolina cries when she sees the bracelet that Santiago gave her but Santiago calms her down.
A mysterious woman calls Carolina to threaten her again asking her if she is in her house and Carolina goes nervous and she asks her to tell her who she is and the woman says she knows all of her secrets so she should be very careful. She then hangs up leaving Carolina ins great fright.
Mia advises her mum Raquel to stop being angry with her dad because of Carolina and Benjamin’s matter but should speak with him and clear things between them.

Carolina tells Damian that she’s scared because a woman called tol et her know that she know her every movement and al lof her secret and Damian asks her if she can guess who could be doing that and Carolina pin points Raquel stating that she might have known about their relationship and she is threatening her now.

THE PRESENT: Raquel goes to search for Carolina’s bracelet and she finds it in her things in Santiago’s house with the help of Florencia. Same vein, Antonio assures Santiago that that lady’s bracelet isn’t Carolina’s
Mia goes to see Andres to ask him to withdraw the charges he placed against Nico for hitting him and he discloses to her that he never even report Nico. Mia then goes quickly Alina’s house to tell Nico that Alina is lying to him because Andres never made a report against him.

Antonio tells Santiago that someone has been spending money with one of Damian’s credit cards and those expenses was made whiles Damian was in a coma and he thinks the person who attacked Damian, stole that credit card and could be the one who killed Carolina.

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