Fall Into Temptation Episode 60 Update on Monday 17th September 2018


THE PRESENT: Santiago asks Alina for a favour and that is he needs money therefore he asks her to let Nicholas come and see him but Alina refuses and asks him what exactly he wants to use the money for in jail and what he is planning and he tells her that he can’t stay in jail and see his family go depressed and watch Miriam take Benjamin from him and also he is now accused of killing Damian for money.
Alina says she understands him but if he doesn’t calm down, his actions might get him into more trouble and so she asks him to promise her to not do anything stupid if not she will stop being his lawyer. Alina assures Santiago that she’ll get him out of jail and even if she fails she will give him the money he is demanding.
Raquel threatens Miriam with revealing what she did to Damian sometimes past causing Damian so many miseries before Damian could speak again; to the authorities and her grandchildren if she doesn’t renounce Benjamin’s custody and this frightens Miriam very much that she takes in pills to calm her nerves and kicks everyone out of her sight.
Whiles Juan continues to molest Lola, Bebo arrives to hit him and Juan wishes him that his child with Lola dies and Bebo looking so angry and hurtful, he reveals to Juan that he’s rather the father of Lola’s baby and Bebo kicks him out and calms Lola down and assures her that he will protect her because she will forever be the love of his life.
Abel asks Santiago about the money because he has the person who can help him get oout of jail and he tells him he is going to wait because he spoke to his lawyer and Abel looking so disappointed in Santiago for trusting his lawyer too much, she warns Santiago that he shouldn’t count on him anymore for help.
Andres offends Nico by insulting him to be a thief whiles he was in Damian’s office with Fede to search for evidence about his dad and Damian’s partnership and after hitting him, and he hits him back and asks Azucena to call the police to come for Nico but Azucena refuses.
Alina finds out from Nico that Andres will report him for hitting him and though now Andres never reported Nico but he doesn’t know about that, Alina asks him to go stay in her apartment to prevent the police from finding him but for the meantime, he is staying in the Beckers house.
Miriam looking so depressed and afraid with Raquel’s threats, she asks Rueda to give Raquel back Benjamin and also add an amount of money to it to make sure to stop her from reporting her to the police but Rueda assures her to not give up because they have won the case already but Miriam still thinks Raquel can still ruin her but Rueda thinks they should use the journalist in their plans.
THE PAST: Carolina receives an anonymous call from a woman telling her she knows what she’s doing with Damian and she asks the name of the person but she asks her to take care and just hanged up.
Raquel informs Damian she isn’t going back to the banquets business again and therefore he should be the one to take care of things because she doesn’t want to see Carolina any more but Damian thinks Raquel is stretching things too much by mixing business with personal issues but Raquel she wants to dissolve any connection she had with her and so her decision is final.
Damian then goes to the catering and seeing Carolina there she tells him that Raquel failed to forgive her and he tells her that Raquel is hurt because she never meant wrong and will never let anything bad happen to Benjamin. Other matters, Damian wants to talk with her but she refuses stating that all he is going to talk about with her is having her as a mistress beside her wife but that will not work yet, Damian still asks Carolina to answer him if she is willing to start a new life with him because he is ready to fight all odds that will rise against them.
Celia looks for Laura to report a case of sexual harassment by a police officer and Laura asks her if she is aware of what she is about doing and she says yes.
Santiago shows to Florencia a bracelet he wants to give to Carolina for her to at least give an opinion if Carolina will like it since Florencia is a woman because he wants to give her a present that will calm her nerves as she’s been very stressed out lately and Florencia nicely compliments. He asks her to try it on so he can see how it will look on Carolina and unfortunately, Carolina enters to think worse.
THE PRESENT: Raguel goes to the station to tells Antonio that Santiago never wanted to steal any money because he and Damian were business partners which she was a witness.
Alina asks Nico to make love to her as payment for representing his father.
Raquel visits Santiago in jail and she informs him that she confronted Miriam and she is certain that she will give back Benjamin. Suddenly, he gets very nervous because he sees a woman using the bracelet he gave to Carolina. Santiago confronts Abel asking him if he had something to do with Carolina’s death but Abel says he has no idea what he talking about.

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