Fall Into Temptation Episode 57 Update on Tuesday 11th September 2018

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The PRESENT: Raquel visits Santiago in jail and she tells him that she knows perfectly well that he wasn’t the one who killed Carolina. He then asks her if she knows something that he doesn’t which is why she came there to confidently make that statement to her and she says no but she believes it could be Miriam, Andres or Vicente or Carolina herself committed suicide.
Florencia tells Lola that Nico is in his room with a woman but she doesn’t know if their family accepts they can bring girlfriends into their house and Lola asks her to stay calm because she will solve the situation and so there is no need telling their dad. Lola goes to Nico’s room and Mia goes angry thinking that Lola was spying on them and that if she wants to know if they were doing something, nothing happened because they have been talking throughout and Lola asks her why she thinks she was spying on him and Mia says it’s because she hates her (Mia).
THE PAST: Andres forces Carolina to sign some documents of the catering company with disproportionate sums and no matter how resistant Carolina tries to be, Andres blackmails her of telling Raquel about her relationship with Damian.
Raquel and Damian take Benjamin to his house and there, Raquel thinks they have to get Carolina a company’s car so she wouldn’t be troubling herself to get public van home. In the act, Carolina arrives home from work and Raquel suggests again to her about getting her a car and Damian agrees with Raquel but Carolina don’t think it’s necessary. Santiago asks them to have dinner with them.
Raquel engages in a chat with Carolina and asks her where that Florencia girls comes from and she reveals to her that, it’s Santiago’s friend Augustin’s sister and Raquel says, she is just worried because she’s always believed that, a person who makes one’s husband smile as Florencia does to Santiago, shouldn’t be allowed to stay by your husband’s side or have inside one’s house and this in fact makes Carolina anxious and confused.
During dinner, Santiago wants to formalize the partnership with Damian but Damian refuses because he thinks there is no need to sign any documents since he trusts Santiago. They talk about Benjamin’s baptism and Raquel tells Carolina and Santiago that she is alright and that she only suffered a crisis.
THE PRESENT: Mia tells Nico that Santiago killed Carolina and this brings up huge and unstoppable argument as Nico also disbelieves that his dad could kill their mum. Mia then tells Lola that she can’t understand why she always act angrily and harshly towards his Nico when in fact he loves him very much and she thinks that she is now becoming like her grandma. Lola then asks her to stay away from her grandma since the only thing she does to her is to poison her mind against them when they have done nothing wrong. Mia thinks Santiago is sleeping with her mum and that is what makes her hate them and Lola says of course that is true but it will surely end and perhaps they are not doing anything to hurt any of them.
Mia again asks Lola if she trusts her dad of not killing their mum and Lola says yes. Again, she asks her if she can predict that Nico will forgive her and take her back and Lola advices her to try with a little an effort because all he needs for is Mia’s support and not to hurt him. Mia then thanks him.
Miriam reveals in front of the workers that Federico is also an owner of the company and this makes him decide to resign from the company as he does not agree with Miriam’s ideas of making him work in the main company instead of the factory as an employee but Azucena begs him to stay to look after his father’s company and not quit if not, he will pave way for Andres and Miriam to have upper hand in everything.
Laura sees Godoy with Cynthia at the public ministry and she confronts Godoy for separating from her and walking straight into the arms of a prostitute and he corrects her that the one who destroyed their marriage was her and so she shouldn’t blame anyone and he doesn’t want to be with her anymore since he feels nothing for her again.
Luz visits Fede in the Beckers house and confronts him for lying about her origin and Federico tells her that doesn’t change anything between them but she thinks it’s something because he only played with their feelings.
Mia goes to apologize to Nico and he also expresses to her his great love and in the act, Lola opens the door on them to tell Nico that Alina is in their house and Mia goes angry since she thinks Nico has a relationship with his boss. She intentional wears Nico’s shirt to portray a message straight to Alina and Alina could guess Nico did something with her. Alina asks then to find a proof of the partnership agreement with Santiago and Damian if not the Beckers will cause their father to be in jail forever.  After Mia fights with Nico accusing him of sleeping with Alina again.
THE PAST: Celia is able to lure Godoy into kissing her passionately in her cell room.
Damian confronts Carolina as to why it seems ever since they came to the house, she’s never been able to take her eyes off Santiago to the extent that he is even jealous. He pulls Carolina close to himself and she warns him to stop because they might get caught but he refuses to adhere and continues to ask her if she still loves him and seriously, Florencia enters to see the chemistry between them since Damian was close to kissing her. 

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