Fall Into Temptation Episode 56 Update on Monday 10th September 2018

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THE PRESENT: Cynthia tells Raquel that everything points to Santiago being Carolina’s murderer but she doubts it because she can tell how much Santiago truly loved his wife Carolina.
Rodolfo tells Miriam that 3years ago, the company records has it that, Damian lent a very large sum of money to Santiago and that this debt has never been repaid. So, they plan to use this information as evidence of a motive which Santiago could have used to cause the accident since may he had a tipoff of their relationship and this way they can make Santiago rot in prison forever.
Nicholas confronts Lola as he finds out about her pregnancy through Juan but Bebo makes him believe that the pregnancy is his and believing it to be so he asks Bebo how he thinks their dad will take the news but Lola asks him not to say anything to their dad as she plans to have an abortion
Rueda goes to see Andres and asks him to help him with the Loan information and so Andres asks Azucena to look for the records that shows Damian lent some money to Santiago and Azucena says there is no such loan but he only gave Santiago that huge amount of money because they were partners in a residential construction project. Rueda still knows they started a new construction too and Azucena say yes and Santiago intended to give Damian his share but he couldn’t because the accident happened. Andres still wants her to get him those documents.
Azucena alerts Federico about what Andres and Rueda are up to and that is to, to sink Santiago to sink Santiago meanwhile it was a partnership deal but they never signed any documents though they also know about that partnership. She asks Federico to do something to help Santiago.
Alina goes to see Santiago in jail to ask him to make her his defense and he accepts and asks her to help him recover Benjamin but she tells him that he isn’t going to be able to recover Benjamin for him because now many things incriminates him.
Alina breaks the agreement with Miriam who tries to bribe her for the full custody of Benjamin and she refuses to do so because already with Santiago in jail, the law will logically go against Santiago to have custody over Benjamin and that means she Miriam will have the child. Miriam then asks Alina to help her have Santiago in jail forever in exchange for any amount she will wish.
Raquel wishes to go see Santiago in jail to help him if not he will be there forever but Cynthia refuses to let her go because of her condition yet she insists and asks Cynthia to go with her in jail.
THE PAST: Carolina meets with Santiago and they decide about when they will have their baby’s baptism and through this, Carolina tells Santiago that she wants them to get reconnected very better and Damian watching them from a close end goes very ballistic and jealous and walks away quietly without letting them see him.
Carolina wants to go to the catering and so Raquel looking a little better emotionally and asks Carolina to let her have Benjamin for a little while to take care of him and she accepts though doubts that she could be capable since she isn’t feeling all that well but consulting it with Santiago he reasons with her to give Benjamin to Raquel as he trusts she can take care of her.
Laura asks Godoy not to be in the house when she returns from hospital as she doesn’t want to hear his reproaches about losing the baby and Godoy agrees grant her her wish to make her happy.
Carolina takes Benjamin to Raquel at the Beckers house and upon seeing Damian there, she thought that idea to have Benjamin in their house was his made up but Damian explains things to her that, he had no idea.
Alina is doing everything possible to get Santiago out of prison as his fingerprints were not on the weapon, but she is informed about the evidence presented by the Beckers about the loan and this pops up another difficult situation for her.
Raquel visits Santiago in jail and she tells him that she knows perfectly well that he wasn’t the one who killed Carolina. He then asks her if she knows something that he doesn’t which is why she came there to confidently make that statement to her and she says no.

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