Fall Into Temptation Episode 55 Update on Thursday 6th September September


THE PRESENT: Santiago is arrested for murdering his own wife Carolina since his gun bullet was detected as being used to killing Carolina and also for kidnapping Raquel and after the police drove him away, she tries explaining things to Andres that Santiago never kidnapped her but rather protected her but Andres says he is arrested because of the murder and nothing else. Andres then takes her home.
Laura all this while was following the police and she reports everything about Santiago’s arrest painting him as the killer of Carolina and Raquel as his accomplice.
Raquel wants to explain to Fede and Mia that Santiago is not Carolina’s killer.
Santiago for his part, explains to Antonio that he hadn’t seen the gun since he inherited it from his father and that Raquel found its case in a drawer among Benjamin’s clothes. He says that he’s not sure if the gun was in its case or not, and that his children can’t verify that he was home at the time of the murder but he thinks someone took the gun to frame him.
Doctor Altube wants to take Raquel to a hospital to keep her calm but Cynthia asks him not to do it because Raquel can’t stand being away from her family and he agrees. Fede is worried about her mum’s wellbeing and the Doctor tells Fede that Raquel is going to get well but she needs loving care and quietness because she’s been through a lot and so they should show him that.
Lola looks desperate because Santiago is detained and she fears that that’s how their life is going to be from now on: just Nico, Benjamin and her but Nico encourages her to stay calm and hope all will be fine.
Miriam shows up at Raquel’s home with a public notary and a doctor to certify that Raquel is not well enough to manage the company and so she wants to put Andres in charge but Cynthia challenges her that will never happen and Miriam insists that Raquel is not in her rightful mind to even take care of her grandchildren and so she is also sending them to her house but she becomes speechless when the children decides to not go with her
Santiago is now in jail and he repeats to Antonio that he didn’t know that the gun was no longer in his home and that he didn’t kill Carolina but Antonio explains that he is in deep trouble because it is the murder weapon.
THE PAST: Santiago apologizes to Nacho for asking Damian to be Benjamin’s godfather.
Doctor Altube tells Damian that Raquel’s mother died in a mental hospital, but that doesn’t mean that Raquel is going to have the same fate, just that she has a predisposition and that everything will be fine.
Florencia starts working in the Alvarado household to support Carolina as suggested by Santiago and Carolina tells Santiago that, she is really happy to have Florencia in the house to assist her with Benjamin.
THE PRESENT: Nico goes with Bebo to confront Juan to stay away from Lola and in the act, Juan rather asks him to warn Bebo to stay away from Lola instead because as it is Lola is pregnant and seriously, Nico goes shocked. Juan confirms to Nico and states that he is not the father but her friend Bebo but Bebo refused to utter a word.
Sammy goes to the Beckers house to offer his help to Mia and she asks him how. He asks her if she wants Alina to leave Nico for good and not border him again. Mia looks interested and so Sammy tells her that Alina is certainly going to betray Nico and the Alvarado family. Mia wants to know how and why and Sammy reveals to her that, it’s because Alina is negotiating with her grandmother to take Benjamin from Santiago and he is sure Alina will help them to do so. So, he thinks if he wants Nico to hate Alina, she can tell Nico about the secret and he will hate Alina forever since he also hates Alina and wants to see her suffer. 
Cynthia tells Raquel that everything points to Santiago being Carolina’s murderer.

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