Fall Into Temptation Episode 54 Update on Wednesday 5th September 2017


THE PRESENT: Santiago asks Omar’s wife to help him find someone who got lost in town and the woman tells Santiago that, Raquel already left but he could may be see her at the bus station. Meanwhile, Omar tells Raquel that he already called a member of her family to get her.
Andres asks Azucena to get him twenty thousand pesos of the company’s money because he’s going to give it to Omar as gratitude for taking care of Raquel but Miriam thinks that amount looks so much.
Mia overhears when Miriam telling Cynthia that Raquel is lost in a small town because someone called them to give them the information and when Cynthia tries defending her sister, Mariam mentions to him that, she doesn’t even know that man she entrusted her sister to because now the news circulating around proves that Santiago killed Carolina and that he’s also the reason Damian is fighting for his life.
Trevilla tells Godoy that the ballistics tests prove that Santiago’s handgun was the gun used to kill Carolina, and Godoy concludes that it means that Santiago is probably the killer.
Miriam calls Laura secretly to give her the supposed firsthand information that she can help further her career if they can show in her newscast footage of Santiago’s arrest since the police is after him now for killing his own wife.
A judge issues an arrest warrant against Santiago.
THE PAST: Raquel tells Santiago that she is afraid that she is developing the same mental illness her mother had which ended her up in a mental hospital the whole of her life. She asks him to get her out of the house because she can’t stand being locked up but he assures her everything will be fine.
Nico tells Federico that he shouldn’t worry if he didn’t like Sabrina because he’ll eventually meet a girl he will like very much.
Laura has a miscarriage and Godoy goes to the hospital to check on her and he rebukes her because she was reckless and never listened to his advice to not go to work just because of a pressure her boss is giving her and Laura asks him to forgive her.
Santiago is upset when he sees Carolina and Damian come in together to the Beckers house and he asks them to go home and upon arriving home, Carolina becomes very nervous and asks him if he thinks that there is something going on between Damian and her, and this pop up great argument between them. Godoy thinks if he should have obeyed him all that wouldn’t have happened and Laura kicks him out for being so self-centered about the situation and not even asking about her wellbeing or saying he loves her and even console her but only rebuking her when she is also going through much pain for losing her first child.
Lola asks her mum as to why she was arguing with her dad and after Carolina told her, Lola thinks, her mum should sometimes understand her father and Carolina complains to Lola for always taking sides with her father Santiago and because apparently, they all want her to be a maid and nothing else.
THE PRESENT: Santiago is able to see Raquel in Omar’s house while Omar meets up with Andres to direct him home to get Raquel and so the two bumps into each other in Omar’s home and they struggle to see who’s going to take Raquel away from there and quickly the police arrive to arrest Santiago.
Alina tells Nico that his father’s legal situation is very complicated since the same gun was the one used to kill Carolina and again since he is even out of town, the police may think that he run away because he thought the police will come after him. Santiago’s children look so depressed with the situation but they believe he never did that because he really did love their mum very much.
Santiago tries explaining things to the police but they refuse to listen to a thing because they still think he kidnapped Raquel.
Godoy doesn’t give Laura any information after trying to interview him about Santiago’s issue, but Andres is willing to give her some information but will do it off Camera.
Antonio tells Santiago that the ballistic test shows that he shot Carolina and Godoy arrests Santiago, and he desperately tries to explain to Raquel that he is not the killer but couldn’t because he is drove away in the police van.

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