Fall Into Temptation Episode 52 Update on Tuesday 4th September 2018


THE PRESENT: Santiago is in town and he phones Cynthia to tell her that he cannot bring Raquel to see Mia since she is not feeling well but he still assures Cynthia he will try and bring him home. 
But actually, Raquel is missing but found a man (Omar) and his wife and she is in their house ad they are taking care of her but for their selfish interest in case her family discovers her there.
Lola asks Bebo to go with her to the doctor she wants to have an abortion but Bebo asks her to think twice but seriously that is what she wants. Steeping out of the house, Juan sees them in secret and drives after them to monitor their movement. 

Rueda tells Miriam that he’s already given advance payment to Alina so with that she will accept to lose the case to him and they will have Benjamin but Miriam wishes to meet the lady lawyer Alina because she feels that she also has to be part of that agreement so she will not make a fool out of them during the trial leading to the custody over Benjamin. 

Alina asks Nico to see about an issue that has to do with Lola which is; she suggests to him to convince his dad Santiago to offer Lola a job in his company and also pay her a salary and with that, they can stand on it to prove to the court that Lola being the first daughter has the right and strength to take care of Benjamin and that can make them win the custody. 

THE PAST: Dr. Altubo treats Raquel since she has a mental illness. 
Carolina goes to see Damian at his office with Benjamin and she ran into his mother Miriam, who insults her because she knows that she is her son’s lover and Carolina also faces her that she can do whatever she wants and Miriam says she wants her to leave her son alone because she will prefer Damian dead than to see him with her. 

Damian welcomes her int his office and they discuss about Benjamin and Carolina questions him as to why he asked Azucena to bring the insurance policy to her house to sign and he answers it’s because the procedure has to be completed and Carolina thanks him but she thinks it’s not necessary and wants to secure a good future for his son so he will never lack anything should something happen. 
THE PRESENT: the police find an empty case in which the gun that Santiago could have used to kill Carolina used to be inside and their suspicions goes up high and Lola looks very much afraid for her dad but Godoy asks her to calm down. But in all, Godoy takes the case to the office as evidence.
Omar phones Andres to tell him that Raquel is in his house and Andres warns him and asks him not to let anyone get close to her especially a guy because he is very dangerous but he shows Andres his house and where it can be located. 

Before Andres decides to go pick Raquel up, he consults Rueda and tells him that, Santiago went with Raquel to a small town but unfortunately, she got lost and a man located her and phoned him so, he is going to pick her up and he thinks, with that, Santiago can be incriminated and put to jail for trying to take advantage of her. Rueda agrees and asks him to go get Raquel whiles he goes to report to the police to arrest Santiago.

Same vein, a young man helps Santiago find Omar’s house and there, Santiago asks Omar’s wife to help him find someone who got lost in town and the woman goes anxious.

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