Fall Into Temptation Episode 51 Update on Monday 3rd September 2018


Raquel leaves with Santiago to only God knows where and whiles on their way, Raquel still wonders why Damian cheated on her with Carolina and she now realizes that he never loved her. Raquel then asks Santiago to forgive her that she always recalls things when she is with him but that actually doesn’t border him at all and encourages her that he will always be there for her and if she needs to pour out her heart to be free, she can do it anytime, anywhere. 
Vicente asks Andres for the money Damian was going to give him before the accident. 
Cynthia pleads with Hovita to not allow Raquel’s children to know she’s with Santiago and she assures her. 
Santiago takes Raquel to a small town and asks her to think only of their love by presenting to her a rose flower. 
Luisa (Juan’s mother) tells his son that Lola’s dad was there looking for him and she guesses he’s gotten in touch with Lola again but Juan assures his mum that Lola’s dad is crazy and just wants to harm him. 
THE PAST: Raquel’s doctor informs Damian that his wife had a mental disassociation and was medicated and she thinks it was her failed pregnancy that caused her that anxiety. The only thing that can help her is not to give her more problems but rather show her much love 
Carolina complains to Santiago for wanting Damian to be Benja’s godfather and not Nacho because seriously, she doesn’t agree with his decision of making Domain the godfather. Other matters, Santiago agrees that she can start work and start doing what she’s loved to since now he doesn’t want her to stay indoors against her wish.
Damian asks her mum Miriam to support him in the company to take care of Raquel and she calls her crazy and then criticizes his relationship with Carolina and asks him to stop with those fantasy of his and though she never loves Raquel but his mistress truly pisses her off one time and she wouldn’t watch him destroy his family, children nor his life also all because of that trump Carolina but Damian doesn’t care. 
Damian sadly seeing how vulnerable Raquel look, lies beside her and wishes that she be okay for him and the children.
Azucena visits Carolina to sign the trust fund that Damian made for Benjamin because Damian wanted to make sure that his son is protected in case anything happens. Carolina now knows that Azucena has been Damian’s accomplice with their relationship. She expresses to her how she regrets having friendship with Damian and now a baby beside that but the point is that, she can’t leave Damian now. So, she signs the documents and asks Azucena if she doesn’t feel betraying Raquel and she says she is rather helping Raquel by keeping their relationship a secret from her. 
Laura wants to go back to work as soon as possible if not she is afraid that her boss might replace her and his husband Godoy thinks that is a good idea for her to rather stay back home and look after her pregnancy then look for a new job but she refuses to listen to him. So, Godoy begs Laura to take care of her pregnancy since he still wanted to go to work. 
Fede confesses to Nico he had sex with Sabrina, but that he didn’t feel anything and is more confused now because he can’t figure out what is wrong with him. 
THE PRESENT: Alina accepts to lose the baby’s custody case in exchange of money and she tells that to Rueda. 
Whiles about to make love, Raquel psychologically mixes Santiago up with Damian and starts acting rude towards him by stating that, he cheated on her and had a child with that woman too but he never wanted to have a child with her but Santiago calms her down and whiles they fall asleep, Raquel wakes up and goes to town without Santiago’s knowledge.
Santiago wakes up and realizes Raquel isn’t by his side and he goes up and down looking for her
She gets lost in town and a man (Omar) decides to hold her prisoner to ask for a reward because it looks like she is very rich and Omar’s wife tells him that she knows her because she saw her on tv and it looks like she is the wife of the man in coma and they both agree to keep her for money in return. 
Mia is really affected because Laura gives the news of her attempt of suicide and Cynthia calls Santiago asking him to come back with Raquel but this is the case she is also missing.

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