Fall Into Temptation Episode 50 Update on Thursday 30th August 2018


Nacho thinks there is one person who he guesses could be capable of the killing but has not been investigated yet. Santiago asks him who that person is and Nacho goes speechless. Nacho tells Santiago that Miriam could be guilty of Carolina’s death because he thinks that woman knows everything and he thinks she knew about the relationship and could have despised Carolina to have killed her. He asks Santiago to talk to Antonio to investigate Miriam too.
Raquel confronts Miriam about her incompetency to take care of Benjamin but Miriam rather accuses her of throwing Damian in Carolina’s arms and Raquel tries defending herself that Carolina was only her best friend and never knew about that Relationship but Miriam says Raquel was the one who suggested that so-called friendship thereby pushing her friend into her son’s arms and so all of the problems they are facing was caused by her and so she will leave her with nothing and she asks Rueda to help her destroy Raquel.
Bebo reveals to Santiago that Juan is bothering Lola again and so Santiago thinks he has to do something.
Alina arrives in Raquel’s house to speak with her about Benjamin’s case and upon Cynthia alerting Raquel about it whiles with Mia, she assures her mum not to go see that woman because she’s the woman who goes to bed with Nico even though Nico keeps denying it but she feels the truth inwardly. 
Alina tells Raquel that she is there to present the custody petition to her because Santiago told her both children already agreed though it’s only one of her children who agreed to help Santiago and so she will leave the documents behind so they can sign. 
Raquel’s doctor informs Raquel he couldn’t convince Lola to keep her pregnancy.
THE PAST: Carolina breaks up with Damian because she’s sure they’ll never have the courage to leave their families.
Raquel looks so depressed about not being able to get pregnant and it seems this is kind of having psychological effect on her but Her doctor and Hovita are there to see to her wellbeing.
Miguel proposes to Andres a business of money laundering using the family company.
Santiago asks Damian to be Benjamin’s godfather and Carolina gets annoyed because she thinks Damian can’t be a good godfather to their child. Santiago then demands for explanation and Carolina becomes nervous.
THE PRESENT: Santiago goes looking for Juan in their house, but his mother assures him that Juan went on a work trip. Same time, that Lola discloses to Bebo she’s pregnant with Juan child and she asks him to keep it a secret and Bebo assures her. Lola doesn’t want to have a baby of Juan but Bebo thinks she still have to speak with Juan but Lola says no since she never wants to have an encounter with him ever again. 
Raquel looks so depressed all because of the problems she encountering with Miriam and others and her sister Cynthia takes her to see Santiago so he can shower her with love to get herself rid of the depression and her emotionally destabilization and Santiago promises to take care of her because he truly loves her very much and he decides to drive her away though he doesn’t know where they are going so to help her get her mind on certain thing.

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