Fall Into Temptation Episode 49 Update on Wednesday 29th August 2018


The PRESENT: Mia has been discharges but she prefers to see her father first before going home. She asks his father though in coma why he lied to them about Carolina to cause all this problem for them because now everything he built with her mum is falling apart and it’s all his fault.
Godoy interrogates Azucena but she does not mention anything important as she is very loyal to Damian and so he leaves behind his contact so in case Azucena wants to reach him she can do so. After he left, Andres also asks Azucena that if since she is now defending the company she has to also defend him because if any information of him should go out, it will be her fault.
Raquel is very worried about Mia and both Cynthia and Hovita offer their help to look after her.
Bebo goes to inform Santiago about the release of his father and again he calls to tell Lola that she has to be very careful because Juan threatened him and she answers that Juan is dangerous and so he has to be careful and take care of himself but Bebo asks her to not worry because the guys he met in jail are even more dangerous than that so-called Juan so he can handle him.
Antonio and Godoy have no important evidence but are now going after Vicente.
THE PAST: Andres wants to use Cynthia to investigate Godoy about what he is trying to investigate in their company because if she never does, when the company collapses or sinks, it will also affect Raquel.
Raquel sadly tells Carolina that she had the pregnancy test done but it came out negative and she becomes very shattered as she longed for another baby. Right after, Carolina descends from Raquel’s bedroom to reproach Damian about this because she can’t think far that, he Damian is still having relations with Raquel.
In front of Damian, Raquel and Santiago, Carolina without consulting Santiago, asks Raquel to be Benjamin’s godmother and tells Damian indirectly that Nacho is going to be the godfather, this makes Damian furious.
Whiles alone at home, Santiago suggests to Carolina that maybe Damian should have been the godfather instead of Nacho and Carolina leaves it up to him to take the decision because she thinks it’s going to be a big blow to Nacho since he looks forward to hearing that he will be the godfather. Santiago tells Nacho that Damian is now going to be the godfather since he is already the godfather of Nico and seriously, Nacho is upset and thinks Santiago is looking down upon him because he has no money.
Laura’s boss calls her from work to tell her that, her pregnancy is causing his work to lack behind in the Media fraternity because since she is off work, he has no one broadcasting for him and if that continues, she can lose her job. So, she puts her pregnancy at risk by decide to start work when in fact she is in her trimester which is also a dangerous month in pregnancy.
Sabrina visits Federico and right there, he goes to bed with Sabrina.
THE PRESENT: A colleague co-worker meets with Federico to confront him as to why Fede broke Daniel’s heart and he tells Luz that he likes women and not men and especially her. Quickly, he kisses her.
Lola visits Raquel’s Doctor and ask for his advice about the abortion she wants to have and the doctor tries convincing .
Vicente realizes the police are after him and asks Andres for help because if he fails, he will spill out the truth to the police about all of the documents he made him sign secretly. Andres has no choice than to ask Vicente to come over to the office.
Miriam reproaches Raquel for the lawsuit about her inability to take care of Benjamin and Raquel tells her that she cannot take care of her grandson if she declared to the police that, she Miriam is even mentally incompetent to do so since that was the statement she made the police to believe when she tried killing her on son Damian.
Nacho goes to see Santiago after his released and he thanks him for everything he has done for him. Santiago now regrets for not making him the God father of his son Benjamin and seriously he regrets it. Nacho asks him to not worry at all but what he has been thinking about all the while he was in jail was who could be responsible for Carolina’s death and he thinks there is one person who he guesses could be capable but has not been investigated yet. Santiago asks him who that person is and Nacho goes speechless.

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