Fall Into Temptation Episode 48 Update on Tuesday 28th August 2018


THE PRESENT: Raquel tells Lola that she is going to help her and she reveals to her that Juan her ex-boyfriend got her pregnant and thinks that should her dad find out, he will feel disappointed in her yet, Raquel tells her that if so then Santiago needs to know but Lola asks her not to tell anyone because she doesn’t want to have the baby.
Alina tells Santiago that she doesn’t want to hurt Nico but rather she loves him a lot and they also share same feelings but Santiago tells Alina that he doesn’t want her to get involved with Nico because he is too young for her, and that he won’t let her hurt Nico because he doesn’t believe that she is truly interested in him. Alina then asks Santiago if he prefers a new Attorney but he says no he wants her instead to handle the case because she’s helped them before.
Godoy tells Vicente that he suspects that Damian was paying him off to keep him quiet about the relationship and also though the police once upon a time found his father dead in a river which they closed the case as he drowned just because he was drunk but he doesn’t believe that story. He then warns Vicente that he is looking into Becker’s company account records, and he should pray his name doesn’t appear in that records if not, that will end him up in jail for extortion and so he better tells the truth to save himself and Vicente becomes speechless and nervous.
Raquel asks Lola if indeed she wants to get rid of the baby and she says yes but Raquel still thinks she needs to thank things through because a baby is a blessing but Lola doesn’t want to have Juan’s child and also, she is even too young to give birth.
THE PAST: Miguel tells Andres that they should set up a money laundering operation, but he won’t tell him whose money they are going to launder since he asks Andres to not worry.
Damian arrives home and he speaks with his son Fede and Fede finds that communication a bit weird and asks his father is he wants to chat with him to know about his sexuality whether he prefers boys or girls but Damian says that doesn’t matter to him because he loves him regardless of his sexual orientation
Andres asks Azucena for the catering service company’s financial information.
Hovita thinks Raquel is pregnant and she also thinks so since she’s few days late with his period but to be sure she wants Hovita to get her a pregnancy test tube. The Alvarados family arrives in the house for the Dinner to celebrate the partnership and Benjamin’s arrival and there, Damian finds the right time to be alone with Carolina and they kiss in the hallway.
Santiago tells Carolina that it’s clear that Damian and Raquel want to be Benjamin’s godparents; she tells him that he should make that decision.
THE PRESENT: Nacho is released and Bebo together with Augustin welcome him back to the world.
Nico tells Santiago that he can handle things with Alina and won’t fall for her again and that he will work for her until Benjamin’s custody gets resolved but Santiago looks afraid for his son since he doesn’t want him to get hurt again but Nico assures him he will be fine.
Godoy questions Azucena about Vicente’s visits to the company and if actually he used to come there to collect money from Damian and Azucena tries to be a bit difficult. He then warns her to cooperate with the police or she could land in legal trouble. He then asks her if she isn’t willing to know what happened to Damian and when she expressed interest, he starts asking her when he thinks Damian and Carolina’s relationship and Azucena goes silent.
Raquel shows his newly unused pregnancy test tube to Carolina and tells Carolina that she is a few days late and looks nervous since she thinks she could be pregnant. Carolina tells her that she is even more nervous for her so she should take the pregnancy test now and find out the truth.

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