Fall Into Temptation Episode 47 Update on Monday 27th August 2018


THE PRESENT: Santiago gets served a summons to appear in Family Court and he goes depressed. Meanwhile, Miriam informs Raquel that by this time Santiago should be receiving the summon letter for the custody of Benjamin because she does not only want the company but will also be going after Benjamin’s custody as well.
Josefo (the pizza guy) identifies Nacho in the lineup room and declares that he was the man who saved him from two muggers the day of Damian and Carolina’s accident and Bebo thanks him for his great help. So, with that, Antonio have to release Nacho now that he’s been rescued by the pizza guy though the police test on the gun is still not out.
Lola have a pregnancy test done and it turns out positive.
THE PAST: Damian agrees to back Santiago’s project though Raquel sees something fishy about his reaction towards the acceptance. Damian then have to explain things to Raquel that Benjamin is the reason he is backing Santiago’s project.
Nacho tells Santiago that he would love to be Benjamin’s godfather, even though he already is Nico’s godfather.
Nico approaches Mia to remind her of how he really does like her and after he left, Julieta tells Mia that was a nice gesture from him and she would want them to do to Nico what they did to Joachim thus they will drug him and naked him because she would love to see Nico naked. This really irritates Mia very much and asks her to keep dreaming because that will never happen with Nico.
Damian goes to see Benjamin and he becomes upset when Carolina tells him that it hurts her to see that he doesn’t believe in Santiago’s project and that he is only backing him because of Benjamin.
THE PRESENT: Cynthia advises Mia that she should talk things out with someone because she doesn’t want her to end up like her, that she should know that a lot of people love her, and that she will always be there for her.
Nico tells Santiago that he has to be prepared to fight for Benjamin’s custody and that he should forget about his relationship problem with Alina, also running away with him and consider seeing Alina so she can handle the case for them because aside her weakness, she is also the best attorney. Santiago is afraid this might cause Nico problem to fall for Alina again but he assures his dad to trust him because he wouldn’t fall again.
Godoy tells Alina that Nacho’s fingerprints don’t match the fingerprints on the gun and tis brings great happiness to Bebo and Alina.
Godoy goes to inform Antonio that he is sure that the murderer is a member of either the Becker or the Alvarado family but Antonio disbelieves that.
When Azucena shows Benjamin’s trust fund which Damian set up for him and Raquel wonders why she never told her about Damian’s relationship with Carolina and Azucena asks her to forgive her because in as much as Damian was her perfect trusted boss, at the end of it all, he was also human.
Juan warns Bebo to stay away from Lola because if he sees him near her again and if he tells Lola about their meeting too, he will face the consequences and that will be to kill him. Bebo never mind him and walks out peacefully on him.
Santiago goes to see Alina about to the court summon and she promises him to never worry because together with the siblings and his calmness, they will fight for Benjamin. In other matters, Santiago asks Alina what she wants from Nico because he knows that she is having an affair with him ad Alina says she owes him no explanation.
Lola anxiously and tearfully confesses to Raquel that she thinks she is pregnant.

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