Begusarai Update on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Poonam says to Lakhan I wont let you touch him. Lakhan says Manjita kaka, I understand. He picks up Lakhan’s dead body and takes it out. Guddi is crying in her room. She recalls dolt promising her. And reassuring her that I will be with you no matter what. Bindya recalls dolt’s dead body and his mother crying. Rekha comes in. She says thinking wont change anything. I always praised your wit. but you lost today. You made Guddi drink that so she can be exposed but Dolt died in the end but it didn’t turn out good. Rekha leaves. Priyom overhears it. Rekha leaves. Priyom comes in and claps. He says wow this is a success for you we should celebrate. She stands up in shock. He says I couldn’t think you could stoop so low. You knew that she was pregnant with dolt’s child. Badi amma tried to conceal it but you exposed us. You didn’t even think of the consequence. Dolt die. Why you did this? To ruin or to play with lives? now dadda ji will kill Guddi and her child. For me, you are their murderer. Even a witch never attacks her neighbours. 

I regret the moment i brought you here. I married you going against my dad. I want to kill you, but there should be a difference between you and me. what do you want? Money? I will give you money as much as you want. He brings in a bag and says it is full of 2 crore. They are yours now leave this palace. Don’t ever show me your retarded face again. I thought somewhere behind this face there would be a human but you are an evil. He leaves. Lakhan does Dolt’s funerals alone. Mitlesh says Lakhan has forgotten that he had to follow dadda ji’s order. Phulan says calm down i don’t think he has done anything wrong. Priyom says he is right. There is no point in punishing a dead human. Dadda ji says forget what has happened. Phulan and Priyom go out i have to talk to mitlesh. They leave. Mitlesh says why did you asked them to go out? 

Dadda ji says we will decide what will happen to Guddi in panchaiyat. Mitlesh says she is our sister she has made a mistake we will punish her. Dadda ji says she has to be judged even when she is our blood. I have to do justice. Mitlesh says okay i will call panchaiyat tomorrow. Bindya is sitting in her room. Her mom comes in and says I am so happy today. I have brought your fav food. Bindya says i am not in mood. He was innocent and because of me.. her mom says you are forgetting your real mission. how can you forget you tears. The tears that phulan wrote in our fate. He can’t help his family now. Lets see how he punishes his own daughter now. Poonam is crying in her room. She hugs dolt’s picture. Guddi is crying as well. Badi amma is upset as well. Lakhan is crying sitting next to Dolt’s dead body. Bindya hears Guddi crying. 

She tries to go in but stops. Scene 2 Next morning Poonam comes to guddi’s room and sees her on the floor. Poonam wakes her up and asks her to drink milk. She says do you wanna kill the one who has still not come in the world. Poonam says you have to stay strong. Poonam says will dolt be happy to see you like this? Why you wanna kill his child? Guddi says no. She drinks the milk. Dadda ji comes in. Poonam and guddi are dazed Dadda says to guddi come with me. Poonam says where are you taking her? Dadda ji says you have no right to ask.Come with me. I am taking the panchaiyat with me. He starts dragging her. Poonam tries to stop him. He says I wont leave you today. he drags her out and shoves her. Dadda ji drags her with her hair. Guddi screams dadda ji please leave me. Badi amma comes and asks where are you taking her? 

Dadda ji says no one will come in between. Maya says Guddi.. Dadda ji drags her. Guddi says please forgive me dadda ji. Dadda ji says whoever comes in between will be punished as well. I will decide her fate in panchaiyat. He drags her out. Guddi screams for help. Dadda ji closes the gate. Dadda ji brings Guddi to panchaiyat. He welcomes the judges. One of them says why have you called the panchaiyat today? Dadda says Begusarai works on rules of thakurs. We humans have to respect the society rules. My head is bowed down because of this girl. she is my blood and she has ashamed me. I beg for pardon from all of you. She has an illegal child in her womb. She has ashamed me today I want you to punish her. Poonam screams open the door. Choti amma says we can’t do anything. poonam says we will stop him. Maya says but.. Poonam says there is a tomorrow after every but. i wont let them decide fate of a girl. Maya says you cant do this alone. Poonam says you are all with me. Rekha says will you fight dadda ji? Poonam says you cant break the bundle of woods. We have to bring the change. We will bring revolution. 

For guddi you all have to come with me. They will have to bow down. She says I will go and save her. They start beaking the door. It opens.They hit the gaurds. Dadda ji says she should be punished that every girl thinks before doing a sin like this. judge says she is your daughter how can we decide punishment for her. Dadda ji says she is our sinner. You have to decide. She has to be punished. Bhushan says i want to say something. he says law is blind it requires proofs and let people have their say. We should listen to guudi once. She should have a chance to speak. Dadda says law is blinded but are you blinded too? What else proof do you need? She has it in her womb. She is the culprit. Bhushan says only in your eyes. Badi amma comes out with the gun. She takes out all the women with her. They take weapons with them. 

Guddi and choti amma gather women too. Dadda ji says she has his child in her womb. She is the sinner, what else should i call her? Mitlesh says she is our sister but we dont want her to give birth to an illegal child in name of prosperity. Judge says but she has right to have her say. People start talking. Dadda ji says after so much has happened and been talked about. What you wanna hear from her ugly mouth. She is the sinner. She has done sin. Guddi says i just loved and that wasn’t a sin. I wanted to marry him. Mitlesh says yes we are all backward but this is how the society goes. You will teach us love now. Guddi says yes i have made a sin but if I had gotten married you would be giving us blessings today. You would be happy to be an uncle. You would be celebrating my child. He says so we should celebrate your illegitimate child? Guddi says being a mom is biggest happiness of a woman. How can the same child become a curse for her because she doesn’t have sindur in her hairline. I spit at such society. I dont wanna live in a society like this. She says I wanted to marry him running away from this society but you people killed him. If loving someone is a crime then I am a sinner. If giving birth is a sin then I am a sinner. I say good bye to a society like this

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Begusarai Update on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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