Begusarai Update on Tuesday 12th September 2018


Guddi’s head hurts. Bindya says lets go Guddi. Guddi stands up. Bindya takes her towards the temple. Guddi says in heart now or never. Guddi faints. Everyone is dazed. They pick her up. Priyom brings water. Maya says what happened Guddi. They giver her water but she doesn’t get up. A woman says her signs show that she is pregnant. Everyone turns back in shock. Dadda ji says who said that. Mitlesh comes. Dadda ji says thats a lie, think before you speak. This is an allegation on my family. Whoever goes against my family they have only one consequence to meet, death. Mitlesh says put a fullstop on your mouth. Now get out. He puts a gun on that woman’s head. She says dadda ji my daughter in law is also pregnant, she fell like that too so i thought. Mtilesh says and you didn’t think how would we feel. Rakesh’s dad says Dadda ji please don’t let this happen on a wedding. Stop this wedding. Your dignity is ours. 

Dadda says so you don’t trust us you trust this woman. Anyway, doubt never takes any relation anywhere. So unless this doubt is killed this wedding wont proceed. Go bring the doctor. A woman comes in and says I am doctor, I can check her. Mitlesh says I permit you. Go ahead. She checks Guddi’s pulse. Guddi opens her eyes. The doctor’s eyes are wide open. Guddi realizes that she is in her room. She looks at the doctor. Doctor says are you okay? Doctor says to Guddi, Rameela mausi was right, you are pregnant and you knew it. Guddi is in tears. Everyone is waiting in the hall. The doctor comes downstairs. Dadda ji says what happened? Why are you quite? She says Guddi fainted because of weakness, she is not pregnant. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Bindya wonders why is she saying that. Guddi said to the doctor I love someone I want to marry him. but my family will never accept him. This is why they are forcing me to marry Rakesh and i can’t do anything. I made a mistake by going out of this house. I can’t let them be defamed. I beg you don’t tell anyone.You know what dadda ji would do. 

Doctors give lives. If you tell anyone, I and my child would die. And my family’s name would be ruined. please don’t do this. Poonam says is she okay? She says yes but she is just a bit weak. Bindya says let me go meet her. Bindya collides with doctor and says your locket fell down. She says but this is Guddi’s how do you have this. You stole it? Doctor says why would I steal. It must have fallen here. Bindya says you are lying. Maya says what you wanna do? Bindya says she has stolen this locket or Guddi gave it to her. She says why would guddi give it to me. Doctor says i am seeing this first time. I am not a thief. Mitlesh says do you always speak like this? Tell us the truth. Doctor says I am not concealing anything. Dadda says we have a solution. Give her ganga jal in hand. Bindya says yes take the ganga jal and tell us how you do that locket. She takes ganga jal. Dadda ji says come on. She suddenly drops all of it. She says pardon me, Rameela was right. 

Everyone is dazed. Mitlesh says what you mean? Doctor says yes Guddi is pregnant. Everyone is taken aback. Dadda ji says before I kill you go from here. Doctor leaves. Rakesh’s dad says what is all this dadda ji. his mom says this is why Guddi was not happy with this wedding. Dadda ji knew about it. Dadda ji says i didn’t know this would happen. I am not even able to apologize you. He takes off this turban and says this thakur family’s respect is ruined. i keep this in your feet, and request you to take this baraat from here with all the respect. All the guests start leaving. Dadda ji says please take this baraat from here with all respect. Dolt comes to Guddi and tells her that doctor’s lie has been caught. She says what? Dadda ji screams women should stay inside the house. See what has she done. Now cry. What was this mitlesh doing. 

Tell me who is this, who touched the thakur girl. I wont leave him. Rekha says let me go check Guddi. Rekha comes to Guddi’s room and sees that guddi isn’t in her room. Dolt says we have to run. Rekha comes downstairs and says guddi is not in her room. Everyone is dazed. Priyom says did you check properly? Let me go and check. All the brothers check, Mitlesh asks them to check everywhere. Guddi is nowhere. to be found. Guddi and dolt sneak try to sneak out of the house. Lakhan is there, they hide from him. Dolt says just keep quite. Mitlesh is looking for her with a gun in hand. Guddi and dolt run. Dadda stops her, she and dolt run. Dadda ji calls Mitles. He says they ran that way, go catch them. 

Guddi and dolt are trying to stop the car. Lakhan comes there and says Dolt. Priyom and Mitlesh comes as well. Priyom says don’t run we wont kill you. Dolt says don’t listen to them Guddi just come with me. They run. Lakhan runs after them. Mitlesh goes in the car after them. Guddi and dolt are running. Lakhan is running after them. Poonam comes as well. Guddi slips. Dolt says are you okay Guddi? Guddi says I can’t run anymore. Dolt says I wanna live and die with you. Guddi says don’t be mad run from here. For our child please. Run. Lakhan comes near. Guddi says please, dolt stands up and starts running. Lakhan runs after him. Lakhan says stop. Dolt says no let me go. A bus hits dolt and he falls down in blood. Guddi screams. Poonam comes as well. Lakhan takes Dolt’s head in his lap. Guddi says leave my brother. 

Don’t touch my brother Lakhan thakur. His murderer can’t touch him. Guddi is crying. Lakhan leaves dolt on the road. Guddi screams dolt’s name. Poonam touches. Guddi says please get up dolt. You promised me that we will live and die together. I am fine nothing has happened to me. Please open your eyes. Mitlesh and Priyom come there as well. Dolt’s dead body comes home. Everyone is in tears and shock. His mom comes and screams. Maya tries to console Poonam. Dadda ji says no one will shed tears on this traitor’s death. He tried to play with us. He had to face the consequences. I dont allow any of you to do his funeral as well. His mom sees his face and screams. She says my son. Why you left me alone. How will I live without you. Poonam comes and hugs her mom. She says please maa.. control yourself. Manjita says forgive me dadda ji. She doesn’t know that loyalty is over parenthood. But I can’t stop a mother’s tears. Dadda ji says let them cry. Throw this dead body out of the city in garbage. I dont allow anyone to do his final rituals as well. He has no right

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Begusarai Update on Tuesday 12th September 2018

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