Begusarai Update on Thursday 6th September 2018


Bindya sees Dolt. She goes to him and asks hey dolt, do you know what happened to Guddi. He says what you mean? Bindya says she is asking Priyom to take her to police station. she went somewhere last night. She is not telling anything. She said she will tell cops. She says I know what was between you and her. Tell me before cops come and arrest you, so I can help you. Was she with you last night? He says I have nothing to do with Guddi. Don’t indulge me in all this. I am leaving this city for some days. He leaves. Bindya says he didn’t say anything. Lakhan wakes up. Rekha says why are you quite? Why you bearing infidelity. The girl who couldn’t walk while she was drunk. She slept and went out with Priyom. Lakhan says amaa.. She says you will listen to me now. Why didn’t she answer us. What did priyom say that they were finding Guddi while Guddi was asleep in her room. Lakhans says amma enough. Maya comes in and says chachi would you like tea here? She says no let him be alone. She goes out. Maya says to Lakhan we don’t choose parents but we choose our partner. Be with Poonam if dadda ji punish her. You are lucky to have a wife like her. Don’t let it be ruined by someone else. She leaves. 

Dadda ji does the pooja. Poonam gives him tea. He throws it away. He says I wont take tea from this characterless woman. Everyone comes there. Badi amma takes poonam to a side. Dadda ji says you are lucky that Lakhan is your husband. Lakhan comes downstairs as well. Dadda ji says he didn’t punish you but I’ll punish you. I give you one last chance speak the truth. Priyom says truth is that she went out to find Guddi with me. And this truth wont change by punishing her. Rekha says and we should believe your story? Why? Guddi was home and asleep in the room. Priyom says Guddi is the proof herself. Everyone is dazed. Priyom looks at Guddi. He says Guddi, tell truth to everyone Guddi. Guddi is quite. He says no one will say anything. No one will punish you. Just say the truth. Bindya says this is too much. Why are you accusing the innocent one. Why are you blaming her to save the real culprit. Priyom says I care about guddi as much as you do. 

Bindya says no one cares about sister as much as lover. Priyom says please tell everyone Guddi. Did you go out of the house last night? Guddi is quite. He says poonam’s character will be questioned if you stay quite. Her silence tells something is being concealed. Guddi says I was home. i didn’t go anywhere. Lakhan says she is lying. he comes downstairs with the bangle and earring. He says I went thereGud. I found this. Guddi will answer this. This is yours right? Guddi recalls when she told her friends about the gifts her brothers gave her. Lakhan came and gave her jewelry in front of her friends. He said if you don’t like it get is changed. Guddi loved the jewelry. Lakhan says is this yours? Mitlesh says wait a minute. Is this yours Guddi? Priyom says guddi.. Dadda says Guddi your brothers are asking you something. Answer them. Where were you last night. how did he get your bangle and earrings? I am asking you something. 

Poonam says I will tell you. Guddi gave me all of this. Everyone is dazed. She shows them on of the earrings that she is wearing. Bindya says i told you she was with my husband. she is trying to take my husband from me. But no one will trust me. Priyom says she didn’t do anything like this. And why don’t you tell everyone truth Poonam. Why did we go there. Lakhan says don’t touch my wife. In the dark night.. Priyom says shut up Lakhan. Lakhan says I don’t want outsiders. Enough. No more investigations. If she had made the mistake I will punish her. Lakhan takes out a gun and points it at Poonam. Everyone is dazed akhan says first time I am seeing someone’s gaze is not lowered down even after sin. Poonam says I am also seeing first time that someone loves but doesn’t trust. Priyom says lakhan put the gun down. Lakhan shoves him and says stay away. If anyone comes between I will shoot that person too. Lakhan pulls the trigger. Lakhan shoots but Guddi points his hand sup in the air. Guddi says please don’t do this. she didn’t do any sin. I made the mistake. Poonam says Guddi.. Guddi says this is too much. I have to pay for my sin not you. 

Everyone is bewildered. Guddi says I went out last night to meet a guy. Poonam came after me to stop me, she lied to all of you to save me. Lakhan says see Guddi tell me what exactly it was. Guddi says there is a guy in my college, he was after me for a long time. I went to talk to him. Poonam came after me to save me from him. Bindya says those bangle? She says that guy held my hand and poonam was trying to save me. It would have dropped amidst. Mitlesh slaps Guddi. he says you are handling love story in this age. He touched my sister. Did you give him the right? Were we dead? Couldn’t you tell us. Guddi says you would have killed him and I dont want to be someone’s murderer. I have talked to him. He has left the city. Mitlesh says what is his name? He says why didn’t you say that last night? Guddi says poonam thought you will all punish me so she took all the blame on herself. Bindya says this Guddi ruined my whole game. She saved poonam and didn’t even name dolt. The game has not ended. I will find out what happened last night. Bindya sees poonam’s shadow in the mirror. Poonam says you must be feeling good to be defeated? You tried so hard but what happened? Nothing. I feel so bad for you. she breaks the mirror. Rekha comes and asks what happened? Bindya says Guddi lied and even saved poonam. Rekha says what happened last night? Bindya says that is what I have to know. Guddi comes to Poonam and says what were you doing? Lakhan would have killed you. Poonam says I would rather die then to see you being punished. Guddi says one day everyone will know. 

I dont know what to do. I wanna run away. Poonam says running away is not the solution. we have to fight. Guddi says who will we fight? They are all our people. Poonam says we have to fight the evil inside humans not humans. You loved Dolt, that was not a mistake. It was his mistake. Guddi says they always blame the girl. Poonam says I don’t know how will it happen. But we can do something. We have to keep walking without fear. Guddi nods. Lakhan is drinking and crying. He says wow lakhan. Which mud are you made of? You couldn’t trust a wife who loved you. He said you will punish her. Badi amma comes and stops him. He says you should have stopped me the day I punished her first time.Badi amma says what are you saying? He says this is my punishment for making her cry. Badi amma takes the bottle and says I will hit you with a slipper. He cuts his hand. She dresses his wound. He says my mind doesn’t work when it comes to poonam. Badi amma says this is love. He says this is not love, I fired the gun. What if she had died. I did this with these hands. He hits his hands on floor. Badi amma says atone for your mistake. Love her so much that she forgets all her pain. i have seen so much change in you. This is all because of her love. I know that her love will kill the animal inside you. He says but what i did today, will she love me after all this? Badi amma says a woman’s heart is always made of wax. Poonam proved that she is only yours. You have to break this wall of misunderstanding between you two. 

Priyom comes to poonam and says are you okay? She says yes. He says sorry i couldn’t stop lakhan. She says its not your mistake. we went after dolt, and we even saw him returning. If there was some fight why didn’t i hear it.What other guy is she talking about? Please tell me the truth. Poonam says truth is that, we should stay in limits of our relation. Thanks for helping me but I dont need anymore help. She leaves. He says we were friends first. I will find out what you are hiding Poonam says I should talk to dolt about it and then I will tell maa about it. Lakhan comes in. Poonam takes her clothes out of closet. Lakhan says I wanna talk to you. Poonam says you don’t need permission to talk to me. Tell me how you wanna punish me now? He says not punish. Poonam ignores him, he holds her arm and says listen. I made a mistake. She says you wanna apologize? But you will never say it. Your ego is way too bigger. Rather order to forgive, I will. he says please be quite. Poonam says look, your voice trembles when you have to apologize. You can never understand me. I have told you so many times that you are my everything. But your trust is like a bubble. You didn’t even think once before shooting me. What didn’t i do. You don’t deserve my live. I am not scared of you anymore. You will punish me, but all I am saying is truth. You never loved me. Because to love you have to trust first. You have to close your eyes and walk the road. I don’t have any hope from you. She leaves. Lakhan says okay, from today I promise there will be only one mission of my life. To trust you. The sun might displace but my trust never. 

This is my promise. Poonam comes to her mom. She says I made your favorite dish. Poonam says no I will eat later. Poonam says where is dolt? She says he has no time to come home. He went out and didn’t tell me. Please talk to him. Poonam says he has to answer my questions. Poonam calls Dolt but his number is off. Poonam says how long will you run? one day you have to face me. Poonam says I forgot to buy shampoo. Poonam asks maya can I use yours? She says yes soni is taking bath. Lakhan comes to poonam and says I was saying.. She leaves. Lakhan goes to market and buys a shampoo for her. He says this is for men, I need for women. He asks what kind? Lakhan is confused. Poonam comes to her room and sees all kind of shampoos on her table. She says where did they come from. Lakhan says i knew that you wanted shampoo but didn’t know which one you use. So I bought all of them. Use the one you want. Rest of the one, anyone in house can use. This one looks better for you. Poonam doesn’t answer. She goes to shower. Lakhan sees the shampoo in her hand. Lakhan is sitting alone. Badi amma says is she still bugged? 

He says i can never figure her mood. She wanted to shampoo I brought all the ones available in the market. But she, she used maya’s. Badi amma laughs. Lakhan says this is not a joke. She says you could get her some jewelry. He says she doesn’t like jewelry. Give me a suggestion related to me. She says send some thugs to catcall her then hit them and become the hero. He says don’t joke. And no one has courage to catcall my wife. She says if you had watched movies you would know how to impress her. He says okay I am going to watch movies. Badi amma says I should talk to poonam that lakhan wants to change. Guddi recalls what Dolt did to her. Poonam comes in her room and hugs her. She says don’t cry. Everything will be okay. Guddi says I will regret all my life. I was crying and he was laughing. He must be laughing right now as well. And I am crying, there is nothing else i can do. Poonam says what are you saying. Guddi says I am right. The moment that had to be the most beautiful moment, became the worst moment of my life. Poonam says I wish i could change what happened. He is my brother that doesn’t save him from punish of his sins. He has done wrong and he has to pay for it. 

I will be on your corner always. Dolt will be standing in front of you and you will decide his punishment. I give you my word. They hug. Guddi sees badi amma on door. They are both dazed. Badi amma says what is it? I trusted you so much Poonam. You lied whole family. Poonam says please dont talk loud i will explain you everything. I didn’t know what to do. If i had told truth Guddi’s brothers would have killed dolt and dadda ji would have killed guddi. I took the blame on me. I wont let the name our family be ruined. Badi amma says where is dolt? Poonam says he is not home and his phone is off. Badi amma says he knew that manjita would be the first person to kill him. He has ran away. Poonam says for now please dont tell anyone. If dadda ji finds out he will destroy everything. Guddi says please forgive me dadi. I made a mistake. Badi amma says this is not a forgivable mistake. They hear dadda ji saying there is no point in crying now. Guudi gets scared. badi amma and poona go out to see whats happening

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Begusarai Update on Thursday 6th September 2018

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