Begusarai Update on Monday 10th September 2018


Poonam takes the sweets and says thank you. The song ‘tu janay na’ plays in background. Poonam goes out. Lakhan looks at her, she turns back. Poonam smiles. Guddi hits Dolt and says you have ruined my life. He says why are you hitting me? She says what else should i do? you ruined my dignity. I will be someone’s wife in two days. She sits in tears. Dolt sits with her and says i don’t know what to do. she says I am pregnant and you can’t think of anything. I am ashamed of loving you. he says give me some time I will find a solution. she says if I had time I wont be sitting here and crying in front of you. 

Guddi comes back home, Dadda ji stops her. He says there should be a smile on your face. Badi amma comes and says dadda ji choti told me pandit ji called. He said there is some hour difference in rounds time. Dadda ji says that wont matter. If she doesn’t stop crying, then it might create problems for her. Money can come back, respect and dignity never does. It takes three generations. Badi ama says if she is wise enough she will find her happiness in this wedding. Go to your room. Guddi comes to her room. Dolt is there. He says these people will never understand our love. Dolt says will your run away with me tonight? She says no. I have climbed the door of this house once. 

I wont do this again. I will tell everyone everything. I don’t care if dadda ji kills me. If we can’t live together we can die together. Dolt says I love you, your decision is mine as well. I am with you no matter what happens. He hugs her. They hear noise of dhol outside. Poonam says what are you doing here? She says i heard the noise so I came out. Poonam says forget everything. Guddi says how can I? Guddi says how can I?? He is part of me now. Poonam says I didn’t get you. Bindya sees her and says Guddi shouldn’t tell poonam. Bindya comes and says Guddi what are you doing here? Rekha says lets go downstairs everyone is waiting. 

Its haldi ceremony. They put haldi on guddi. Guddi says to poonam I wanna tell you something. Guddi says I.. Dadda ji shouts what is happening in this house. Sit here. His servant sits. Dadda ji says why? What if had drank this hot water. The servant says forgive me dadda ji. Dadda ji says take this pot and put this hot water on yourself. He does. Everyone is dazed. Dadda ji says I am not God, I don’t forgive. Whoever makes a mistake has to be punished. Poonam asks Guddi what is it? Guddi is quite. Mitlesh applies haldi on guddi, Priyom and Lakhan follow him. Lakhan stops poonam. She tries to go but he blocks her way. Poonam says let me go. 

He says what is it? You come wherever I go? Poonam slips, Lakhan holds her. he holds her. She says if you keep teasing I will call badi amma. He says go ahead, I am not scared you are my wife. And you were changing the way you were falling, I just helped you. Poonam says okay keep standing you are wasting your and my time. he says okay. Poonam says see, he says show me. Poonam says let me go please. I have to go. He sits down and washes hands from pump. Poonam smiles Badi amma comes in. She slaps Guddi. She says I gave you last chance, still.. Guddi says dadi.. Badi amma says I am not giving you another chance. And dolt, you Manjita was never disloyal. Just go from here. 

And don’t be seen near this house till Guddi’s wedding. Or I will kill you. Go now. Dolt leaves. Badi amma says I would house arrest you if I could. I would keep an eye on you 24/7 guddi. You know what will happen if something like this happens again. Next morning, everyone is busy in preparations. Women are singing songs. Its Guddi’s haldi. Maya says Rakesh will love you. Rekha says your mehndi color would be really dark. The girl applies mehndi on Guddi’s hands. Lakhan looks at Poonam. He says in heart Poonam’s mehndi should be darkest. Bindya says now that will happen what I want. 

Late at night, the baarat arrives. Poonam says God, I hope the wedding happens without any hurdle. Lakhan comes and says whatever you asked for God, i hope that happens. Poonam stands up in shock. He says you look so beautiful. But there is something missing. He fills her hairline with sindur and says now you look thakurain. i know that there is something that is troubling you. Are you worried because of Guddi. Once she is married, everything will be okay. Poonam nods. He holds poonam’s hand and says one more thing. I want to restart our relationship. I am full of shortcomings but I will try to change myself and I hope you will help me in changing. 

Poonam takes her hand back. She says you look so good too. Lakhan smiles. They hug each other. Badi amma asks maya to go and check if Guddi is ready. Maya helps Guddi is getting ready. She says I was also worried at this time. But girl’s life is like that. Now smile for me. you look so good. Maya goes downstairs. Guddi says to poonam please listen to me. Poonam says what is it? Some girls come and says poonam please come. Badi amma is calling you, barat is here. Thakur family welcomes the baraat. Rakesh comes sits on the stage. his mom says bring our daughter in law. 

Poonam and Maya bring Guddi downstairs. Guddi sits next to Rakesh. Mitlesh thanks all the guests. He says on this wedding, we have arranged a dance performance for your entertainment. Dancers dance on different songs. Dolt is watching everything behind the curtain. Bindya mixes something in Guddi’s drink. Rekha gives her the drink. Guddi says no. Bindya takes it and says Guddi drink it, you cant stay hungry in this condition. Guddi drinks it. Bindya smiles and leaves

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Begusarai Update on Monday 10th September 2018

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