Begusarai Update on Friday 7th September 2018


They go downstairs. There is a case that dadda ji is judging. A girl’s father is mad at her that her fiance has deceived you and left for patna. She says he has gone to earn there. He has not betrayed me. Her father says to dada ji decide her fate please. Dadda ji stands up and says you have lost all the shame. How could you have relation with a man out of marriage. And clad it in mask of love. You will be punished. She sits in his feet and says please forgive me. He says tears wont help you now. Woman is known for her character. Come you will be hanged on a tree in the market. Thats final. She says please forgive me. Dadda ji leaves. bindya says in heart these thakurs like to punish others. One day I will punish them all like this. Women pick up that girl and they leave. Badi amma says to Poonam I have to get guddi married asap. Poonam says we should give her time. 

Badi amma says there is not much time. Bindya comes and says why are you so hasty about her marriage. Badi amma says when a girl steps out, she has to get married. Badi amma comes to guddi. Guddi says no i will not marry anyone else. How can you punish me for whole of my life. Badi amma slaps her and says if someone figures what you did with dolt they will kill you. Guddi says I should have died why you saved me. Poonam says please calm down someone will listen. Poonam says we can’t deceive someone like this.Badi amma says women have to sacrifice to save the dignity. Dadda ji will kill guddi if he finds out. Do you want that to happen? Poonam says guddi dolt will pay but we can’t risk your life. Badi says I will get her married in a week. Poonam hugs and console guddi. Lakhan is watching bollywood movies. His friend comes. 

Lakhan says what? His pal asks when did you start watching movies? Do you wanna act? Lakhan says shut up and watch it. I wanna be a real life hero not of cinema. Lakhan comes home and looks for poonam. He has brought birds in a cage. He gives it to her and says I wanted to gift you something. They call them love birds. You like them. Where should I place them? Poonam is silent. Lakhan places them there and leaves. He goes to change. Poonam picks the birds and releases them. Lakhan sees her. Poonam comes to guddi gives her a dress and says get ready. A guy and his family is coming to see you. 

Guddi says how can you do this. Poonam says life is giving you new happiness. She says this is compromise not happiness. Poonam says forget what happened. Trust me i want you to be happy. Wear it, I will get you ready. Guddi throws it away and says i wont go there. Why should i showcase myself. I am not scared of anyone. If a man had done this would he have been punished like this. Poonam says try to understand. Badi amma is right. Once you are married, you will forget everything that happened. Guddi says I wont get married nor will I go downstairs. Bindya is listening all this. Everyone is waiting for Guddi downstairs. Dadda ji welcomes them and introduces his family to them. They say please bring the girl after that we will get ready. Priyom asks badi amma where is guddi? She says she will come. 

Bindya says guddi is one in a million. Girls these days are involved in love and relationships before marriage but she.. she never goes out of house. Right badi amma? Badi nods. Rekha says why bindya is saying so much about guddi? The guy’s mom says bring her please. Bindya says in heart she wont come. Kids comes and sit with the women. Maya says to a girl put rajeev’s name on her hand. Mistlesh scolds at servants for low quality flowers. He says hurry up. Lakhan is also busy in arrangements. He sees poonam going by with jewelry. Lakhan says stop. Poonam stops and turns back. Lakhan pretends like he said that to the servant. Poonam looks at him. Poonam leaves. 

Badi amma packs up stuff. Maya tells poonam what she has decided for kids. Poonam says I have not decided anything. Maya says I am really happy for Guddi. I hope everything goes well. Poonam says yes everything will go great. Maya says I have to go check the saris. Poonam says to badi amma its guddi’s engagement. Everything is happening like you wanted. Why are you worried? Badi amma says I have seen so much that a little troubles shake my heart. You have keep an eye on Guddi. I hope she doesn’t make another mistake and ruin family name. Poonam says from now on you will only think good, promise? Bindya overhears it. Bindya recalls her mom said that Phulan thakur, monster came to her palace. poonam says I am so scared mom. She holds her ears like she used to when she was a child. Bindya says this palace wedding, I will ruin it. 

Phulan thakur made us cry. Now the same flood of tears will destroy everything. Bindya comes and says you called me choti amma? She says yes to see guddi’s shagun. Badi amma says to the keeper we have taken what we wanted for our daughter you can pack up. Badi amma says maya you and bindya pack this up in guddi’s shagun. Badi amma asks choti amma to ask rekha to put haldi in temple. Its just badi amma poonam and guddi i hall now. Badi amma says i think my slap and poonam’s words have not affected you. We did this much for you. Is this house phulan brought you up? Priyom comes and says i told baba about the wedding. Tears welled up in his eyes. Guddi says wont he come? Priyom says he is not getting the permission to come. He has sent something for you. He gives her a chain. Priyom says he asked me to give you blessings from his side Guddi comes to her room, she says baba sent me this. still I am not happy. 

Phulan thakur’s daughter can’t be weak. I cant marry someone else and let him win. he insulted me and my love. I will punish him. Even if it takes my life. I will avenge him. At night, Poonam comes out of her room. She comes in the hall. Poonam takes a gun and some bullets. She says before engagement I have to find dolt. I vow, I wont marry before killing him. She puts the gun in her bag. Dadda ji stops her and says where are you going with this bag? College? Guddi says I.. He says better stay quite. 

He grasps her hand and says Mitlesh lakhan, priyom everyone come out. Rekha says what happened dadda ji? Everyone gathers. Dadda ji shoves guddi, poonam holds her. Dadda ji says ask her. Mitlesh says what happened? What have you done now? I am asking you something. Guddi says at least let her calm down. Dadda ji says she was running the house to ruin our name. Everyone is shocked. 

Bindya wonders she was running but why? Mitlesh grasps her arm and asks where have you got these wings from. Its your engagment tomorrow. Do you remember? You were blackening our faces for whom? He is about to slap her. Poonam says please let her say why she did this. I promise, I will punish her with you if she is wrong. Dadda ji says why is she not saying anything. Poonam says please say guddi, where were you going?

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Begusarai Update on Friday 7th September 2018

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