Ashoka Samrat Episode 8 Updaqte on Friday 14th September 2018

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Scene 1
Justin comes to Helena, she is crying, she says i was 16years when my father Nikator got defeated by chandragupt, for peace, nikator had to sacrifice me, he didnt ask me once if i am ready to marry chandragupt or not, for chandragupt i was trophy of his war win and remained a trophy till his life, my father and husband didnt give me respect, i had hopes from my son but now i think he have no respect for me too, he wont take revenge for whatever happened to me, she cries, Justin says i promise you that our time will surely come to rule over them, Helena smiles.
arrangements are dont to go to patliputra. Radhagupt says to Acharaya that you saved AShok but he ran away, Acharaya says its difficult to understand him, Ashok comes there sneakingly and says its difficult to understand you too, with that arrow you could have died but to prove me innocent you put your life in danger, whats our relation? Acharya says i took side of truth, Ashok says now i have to serve Bindu, Acharya says you insulted soldiers so you have to get punished, Ashok says i did because of you, you return my mother and i will go from here, Acharya says you have to come wiht us to patliputra, AShok says i will come there when i will become Samrat, Acharaya stares at him, Ashoka song plays, Dharma comes there, Ashok hugs her, she get in tears, Ashok get emotional too, kaise bataon tujhe song plays, she says to Ashok that from today you will have to follow all orders of acharaya, Ashok ask did he force you to say all this? she says no, for me your safety is most important, i have your responsibility to him, the one who can put his life in danger for you will make you a great person, he will think about you and Magdh both, promise me that you will follow all orders of Achraya, Ashok looks on, he promises her, he says your wish is my command, its my duty to follow your words, i will do whatever you will say, he ask cant i say no to Acharya ever? she says when you are confused for justice then take decision from your heart, she leaves from there, Ashok runs behind her but Radhagupt stops him, Acharaya says your mother will come to Patliputra too, Ashok gets happy, Acharaya says but you wont meet her, you wont tell anyone about her, you will have no relation with her, Ashok says maa, why you are punishing me, Dharma listens from outside of room and cries, they both cry, Dharma wipes her tears and leaves.
Scene 2
its morning, Bindusar’s caravan reach Patliputra where he is welcomed grandly, Acharaya, Dharma, Ashok, Noor, Helena are in caravan too, they come in palace, Charumitra is there to welcome him, Acharaya touch the dust of patliputra and says years back i promised that i will live for this dust, today i have brought the one here who will protect it, behind him AShok makes entry in palace, Samrathon ka Samrat hai .. Ashoka hai Ashoka plays.. Radhagupt says to Ashok that you are not Samrat here but arrested person, Ashok says what if i become Samrat of here soon. Acharaya says to Dharma that you didnt like to be here? Dharma says all these years, i protected Ashok from all this, Dharma says to Acharaya that i dont know if i am doing right or wrong but i dont want this decision to become my biggest mistake, she leaves. Charumitra does Bindu’s aarti, Noor fumes, she welcomes him and says i am happy to see you fit and fine.
Radhagupt brings Ashok in stable, Ashok ask why me here? he says horses are nice here but what i will do here, Radhagupt makes him meet yadupati who is caretaker of stable, Radhagupt says Ashok you will work here as punishment, Ashok says but they are stinging, Radha says you have remove that only, he leaves, yadu ask his name? Ashok says i am Samrat, Yadu says i will know what kind of Samrat you are, he says you have feed horse Gul bhushan, all kids are stunned, Ashok takes food in his hand, he comes to horse Gul and says you are lucky that you will get food from future Samrat, Gul kicks him hard, AShok falls in cow dung, all kids laugh at him, Ashok stand up and stares at Gul, Yadu says what happened Samrat, AShok comes to Gul again and says you wnt get this chance again, eat it, Gul kicks him again, he falls, kid says to him that Gul is not an ordinary horse, he is favorite horse of Samrat Bindu and only he can handle him, no one can touch him, it is said that he will let another Samrat to touch him only, not commoner. Ashok comes to Gul and says if bindu rides you or you ride Bindu? the attitudinal horse, one day you will be in my control.
Scene 3
Bindu comes in his room, he tries to remove his shirt but he feels pain in his wounds, he screams in pain, Dharma comes to him and says you should have been careful, you are not fully fine, she puts medicine on his wounds, he holds her hand, she has veil on her face, he says you are protecting life of Samrat, you can ask anything, ask for anything, Dharma says leave violence and follow path of peace, Bindu recalls how Dharma said same lines years back, he ask who are you? she gets tensed and says i am subhadrangi, ,,
Bindu says its weird, 14 years back a lady saved me and she had same views, if i had not seen your face in court then i would have doubted that you are her only, he recalls his lovely moments with her, he says you cant be Dharma, she got died years back, she used to not like violence too and i had left violence for her, i am Samrat, i owe you, ask me anything else, Dharma says i cant ask anything else, Bindu says ok i promise you that i will save life of a person in future, Noor comes there and ask Dharma to leave, she leaves. she says to Bindu that whenever i see this lady, i dont like it, Bindu says she saved my life, Noor says it was her duty and you dont have to owe anything to her, he says its weird that you are angry on her but never felt jealous of Dharma, Noor smirks.
Helena ask kid about Ashok, kid Bhavin says i saw him talking to gul bhushan horse of Samrat, Helena says i can free you Bhavin but in retrun of it, you will have to give every detail of Ashok, be his friend, ask his mission, find out what is his relation with Acharaya, Bhavin leaves, Helena says if he doesnt do our work then we will finish him.
Scene 4
Ashok is not able to sleep in stable because of smell, he finds bhavin sleeping, he says to horse Gul that i like to talk before sleeping, that Acharaya trapped me in so much tax that i will pay whole my life but i will run away from here, i know you want freedom too, tell truth, dont you feel suffocated here? tell truth, my mother says… he says maa and misses her, otherside Dharma misses AShok too and cries. Ashok says where are you Maa, i have to find, he says to Gul that i am going from here, if anyone ask about me then dont tell, she stealthily leaves from there, Bhavin wakes up and looks at Ashok going out.
Ashok comes in palace, he is trying to find Dharma, a showpiece falls from him, soldiers come there to see who is there, Ashok runs from them, he says these soldiers have not other beside to run behind me, he runs from them and enters court of palace, he finds Samrat’s throne there and is fascinated by it, he moves towards it, soldiers are coming in court to find him, Ashok jumps and hides behind throne, soldiers come there and tries to find him in court but doesnt fnd and leaves from there, Acharaya looks inside court hiding behind pillar, he imagines lion there, the Ashok comes out from behind of throne, he looks at throne, and sit on throne, Samrathon ka Samrat hai.. aa gaya woh.. Ashoka hai Ashoka plays, Acharaya smiles seeing him sitting on throne, Ashok says i Samrat vanraj orders to throw Gul Bhushan out, i order to arrest Acharaya chanayka and make him pay tax and he will also have to drink Kadha of my mother, Acharaya smiles, Radhgupt comes there and says you are seeing future Samrat, Acahraya says yes but still Ashok is way behind his goal to achieve., i pray to God that i see him beomcing Samrat. Ashok acts like listening to cases of court. Acharaya thinks that i have fulfilled my promise to chandragupt to find a great Samrat for Magdh, now i will wait for official announcement day when AShok will become Samrat, now Magdh’s future is in safe hands.
dharma is working in room, she finds soldiers running and saying to catch the kid, she says it must be Ashok. khurasan ask what happened? soldiers says a kid has come in palace, Dharma gets tensed.
PRECAP- Ashok makes Bindusar sit on horse, he extend his hand, Bindu, puts his foot on his hand and jumps on horse, Dharma sees this and smiles as Ashok touched his father’s feet, later Ashok make Sushim sit on other horse, Sushim kicks him away, Ashok says i am faster than this horse thats why he is kicking me, Sushim says will you race with my horse to prove it? Ashok agrees. in race, Ashok runs bare foot while Sushim is riding horse, Bindu wats for them on finish line. later Ashok gets injured on his foot, Bindu carries him in his arms and makes him lie on bed, he says not this kid is my responsibility, Dharma treats Ashok’s wound. later some kids tell Ashok about black magic and the Bhavin is kidnapped by the one who do black magin, they take Ashok to the place of back magic. 

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Ashoka Samrat Episode 8 Updaqte on Friday 14th September 2018

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