Ashoka Samrat Episode 7 Update on Thursday 13th September 2018

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Scene 1
Acahraya says that enemies are planning to attack magdh, Samrats are selfish for their state, bloodshed will happen but Ashok is future, as its in his destiny, Dharma says you are selfish to put AShok in problem, Acahrya says yes i am selfish for magdh’s good, Dharma says you cant understand what mother feels for her child, Acharya says magdh is like my mother and i am doing what a son should do, i am thinking about maghd’s future, i am thinking about finishing its enemies and this is selfishness then i am selfish, like you protect your son, i will protect magdh, i will do every measure to save magdh and the love for magdh will not lessen for me, if you want to take your son from here then you can, i wont stop you, Dharma folds her hands and says i just want AShok to be safe, Acharya says i can protect only if you give his life in my control for future, Dharma says if his safety lies in it? Acharya says if you give me responsibility of Ashok then he will protected and you will live with Bindu, you both will come to patliputra (capital of magdh) with me and i will prepare for him future, Dharma says i thought he will work for peace, Acharaya says to bring peace we have to choose violence sometime, Dharma is in tears.
Scene 2
Samrat Bindusar Comes in royal court, all cheer for him, he looks at acharaya chanayka and greets him, he sit on throne, he says to acharaya that i am seeing you after 14 years and that too when you are taking side of a person who tried to kill me, Acharaya says i am taking side of chandragupt as he fought for justice and i am doing same, Bindu says justice will surely happen, i am injured but no from mind, bring that kid here, AShok is brought in court, he looks straightly a Bindusar, Khurasan says to AShok that dont you know how to greet Samrat, Ashok bow his head and greets him, Bindu ask his name, AShok says i am one who make people free from pain, i am Ashok, Bindu says to Ashok in court that you are alleged to attack me, you tried to kill me, i dont know how to behave with you, Ashok says behave like a Samrat should behave with other Samrat, all looks shocked, Bindu ask what did you say? AShok repeats that treat me like a Samrat, Bindu says did you listen Acahrya, he ask AShok where’s Samrat you are? Ashok says i am Samrat of people, Bindu ask his father’s name, Ashok says i am only my mother’s son, the one in whose feet my world lies, Bindu ask name of his mother, Acharaya says to Bindu that leave it, he is very clever to twist his words, he is clever but not culprit, other Guru says that he is not announced innocent, Acharaya says he is not found guilty either, its all based on theories, nobody can prove here that he is attacker, Ashok says believe me, i saw doctor making special arrow to attack Bindu, soldiers were behind me so i hided in jungle, then Bindu was brought there, he was attacked by a soldier but all thought it was me, there was a women too, she saw the real attacker too in jungle call her, Khurasan says her statement couldnt be taken yesterday today, call her, Dhrma comes there in veil, Guru ask were you present there at time of attack? Dharma says yes i was, Khurasan says her statement cannot be justified till her identity is revealed, we cant believe her without seeing her face, Guru agrees, Dharma says in our family, we dont show our faces in open, Bindu says we respect your rituals but nothing is more important then justice, your duty is to help me to do justice, Acharaya says but you cant force a women to show her face, to get justice by seeing face of women is injustice itself, Helena says nothing is more important than life of Samrat, she comes to Dharma, she removes her veil, it is not Dharma but someone else, Acharya recalls how he said to Dharma that it wont be good if Bindu see you court so we will send Nirjara in court, i promise i will protect Ashok, flashback ends, Khurasan ask nirjara did you see this kid attacking Samrat? she says not this kid didnt attack Samrat, when Samrat was attacked, i saw the this kid, he was running behind someone, asking him to stop, Guru ask did you see real attacker? she says no, Guru says she didnt see anyone else, she saw Ashok running after attacking you, this kid is culprit, he should he given death penalty Samrat, Acharaya says if this kid is attacker then he should get punishment but what he is saying is based on hypothesis only, its not based on proofs and it cant serve justice, i dont want injustice to happen, to show truth more clearly, i want to ask permission to repeat the scene in which Bindusar was attacked in jungle to prove some points, Bindu says whatever is needed for justice, you can do that Acharaya thanks him.
Scene 3
all are in jungle, Acharaya says to Bindu that like AShok was sitting on tree with archery kit, i have made a soldier sit there, we have to see if he can attack me from that position, Dharma is there too hiding behind bushes, Acharaya says i will lie like Bindu was lying, he lays down and ask soldier to attack, Soldier fires arrow a Acharaya but it doesnt hit him, Acharya says arrow hit a pillar as there was pillar between you and attacker, Ashok says if soldier couldnt take target then how would i and i dont know who to use archer kit, acharya says this means attacker was sitting on some other tree, AShok says i saw him and shows the tree on which attacker was sitting, Acharya ask soldier to sit on that tree now and attack me, he sit on other tree and attack Acharaya, arrow hits Acharaya this time, all are stunned, Acharaya takes out arrow from his body, Bindu ask why you are putting your life in danger, Acharaya says nothing is more important than truth, and truth is proved that Ashok is innocent, and Ashok didnt attack you, Bindu says this is right, free this kid, Dharma thanks God, AShok is being freed, helena, justin fumes, Guru says to Acharaya that with your proofs it is proven that Ashok didnt attack Bindu but there are other allegations on him too that is he insulted soldiers, he made them run behind him, AShok says Acharaya will save me from those allegations too, Acharaya says no, you made soldiers run so you should get punished, he ask Bindu to Ashok pay tax, Ashok says give me Death penalty then this punishment, Acharaya says we have to set example that justice is served right, if he can make soldier run in this age then what he will do in future, he can be punished to give his life direction, Bindu ask then what punishment shoudl be given to him? Acharaya says he is indebt to Magdh so he will serve Bindu, he will do everything which Bindu want, Ashok says this is not good, Bindu says this si right, your punishment is to pay tax, so you have to pay me by serving me, Acharya says we should take him to Patliputra so that he can serve his punishment, Guru says but there is one more allegation on him, he insulted royal throne by calling himself Samrat, he insulted Samrat, Ashok says i just said truth, Bindu says what truth is? AShok says i just told people what a good Samrat should be and i did that in entertaining way as people get attracted to it, Bindu says i wanna listen entertaining way too, Ashok ask will you forgive me then? Bindu says first let me listen, aShok starts his speech, that people are dying and Samrat is enjoying, Bindu ask Samrat Ashok now tell me how a deserving Samrat should be like, Ashok walks with attitude, he jumps and comes infront of Bindu, he says the Samrat should be simple, he should spend simple life, with his people, Bindu ask am i not deserving Samrat? Ashok says you are deserving thats why you have enemies who are thriving to take your life, he looks at Helena, he says your coming back to life was defeat for your enemies, Helena fumes, he says the son of Chandragupt cant do injustice, Bindu says Acharaya was right, we should take him to patliputra, Ashok now people want me to jump again, he jumps high and runs from there, all are stunned, Bindu ask khurasan and Guru to come in his room, he says to Acharaya that if you come too then it will be good.
Scene 4
Bindu says that kid was right, i have to reach the depth of enemies, Acharaya magdh needs you so please accept your position back, Khurasan says think again, prime minister’s position is very important and the one who was alleged should not be made prime minister, Bindu says you didnt forget allegations on Acharaya made 14 years back but you forgot that i am alive because of Acharaya only, he brought that girl who treated me. Bindu says to Acharaya that i know i have hurt you by doubting you that you killed my mother thats why you left Patliputra, i wanted to ask forgiveness but i couldnt, today i am asking forgiveness, he folds his hand, he says i know you had cut my mother’s belly but it ws just to save my life and nobody can understand that, i ask forgiveness on behalf of Helena too, dont think i am guilt ridden thats why asking you to become prime minister, i am worrying for future of magdh, if you accept Prime minster’s post again, it will be good, Acharaya says i only want good for magdh and for that i dont need any position, i will just serve as guru in your court, make other Guru ,, the prime minister, Bindu says if this is your wish then i will fulfill it, Bindu ask other Guru you accept prime minister post? he says yes i accept it and i am thankful that you thought i deserve this. Bindu says its time to return to patliputra again.
Ashok comes to patliputra with Acharya. Ashoka title song plays.
PRECAP- Acharaya says i vowed years back that i will protect this state and now i have brought AShok here who will protect it. Dharma says all these years, i protected Ashok from all this, but this was bound to happen. soldier says to Ashok that as part of punishment you have to feed this horse, Ashok says its stinging here, he comes to horse (i think Badal) and says you are lucky that future Samrat is making you eat food, horse kicks him and Ashok falls in cow dung, all laughs, Ashok gets angry and says to horse that one day you will be in my control. later Ashok sit on throne and says i am future Samrat. Acharaya says to Radhagupt that still Ashok is way behind his goal to achieve.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Ashoka Samrat Episode 7 Update on Thursday 13th September 2018

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