Ashoka Samrat Episode 6 Update on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Scene 1
Dharma comes to Bindu who is unconscious, she ask him to wake up, Ashok is going to get death penalty, only you can save him, he is innocent, he cant attack you, i wont be able to take his side tomorrow, i never asked anything from you neither will ask in future but now Ashok needs you, Ashok need his father, wake up, she cries.
in court, Helena ask to bring culprit in court, Ashok in chains is brought there, he looks at Helena, Guru ask to start to session, other priest says he is just a kid, Khurasan says not a kid but a strategy of enemies, this kid is no less, he calls himself as Samrat, he insults Samrat and says he will become Samrat, he came in royal palace hiding, he burned the place, he teased soldiers, Ashok says yes, i came in royal palace, soldiers was behind me so i hide in jungel, Helena says so you accept that you attacked Bindusar, Ashok recalls how Helena asked him in jail to accept this crime and she will save him from death penalty, Ashok says i Ashok who promised his mother to always say truth, clearly state that i didnt attack Samrat, this queen Helena came to me yesterday and asked me to accept crime and she would save me, hiding truth to save oneself is death too, i will speak truth only, i myself saw a soldier attacking Bindu and i told this truth to Queen yesterday, Justin says this kid is crossing limits, he is insulting court, he should be given death penalty, Helena says i order to behead this kid right now, all are stunned, someone comes there, all turns to see him and it is Acahraya chanayka, he is alive, Ashok is happy to see him, Helena is shocked and recalls how soldier said that Acahrya is being killed, Ashok recalls how Dharma told him that Acahraya is being killed, Khurasan recalls the same news, all are in shock while Acharaya makes grand entry in court, all greet him, he smiles and says truth always win, it cant be suppressed, sun, moon, river all witness truth and truth is that i am alive, today a biggest crime was going to happen that is to kill truth, Chadragupt mauarya believed in justice and truth and today both were going to get killed and it was as insulting chandragupt that is why i was given new life to save truth, he ask Helena from when you get a the authority to punish the culprit, only Samrat can punish anyone, Helena says Samrat is fighting for life and according to rules his mother takes his place, Acharaya says dont forget that i made all these rules and in absence of Samrat, one person cannot decide who is criminal and not, you have to listen his case first, Helena says who will listen to culprit who tried to attack Samrat, he is magdh’s enemy, Acharaya says you are right, the one who attacked and the one who is taking his side are both betrayers but the allegation on kid is not proved so you cant punish him that is justice and will lead his case, i will prove this child innocent, Helena thinks that why Chanayka is taking this Kid’s side, for whom he came from death, Helena says you are taking side of culprit, Acahraya says i am taking side of truth, AShok says how will acharaya take my side when i am in problem because of him only, Helena says he is talking to you rudely and you are taking his side? you came from death for this kid? Acahraya says those who came to kill me where fools, they didnt know that to kill me they have to be clever enough, flashback shows how soldiers attacking Acharaya in lake but Acharaya getting saved and later Radhagupt addressing his students that announcement is made that Acahraya is being killed but there is secret, Acahraya comes there, all say he is alive, Acharaya says the one who came to attack me, i had put mark on his hand with my knuckles, you all have to find him. flashback ends, Helena ask did you find that attacker of you, Acharaya says yes, the soldier is brought there, Acharaya says he is soldier of magdh’s army, he ask soldier did you attack me? you accept that? he says yes, Acharya ask to show that mark which i craved on your body while you were attacking me, soldier shows it on leg, Acharaya says this bruise shows that he is same attacker to tried to kill me, he ask soldier to tell who ordered you to kill me? Helena says we all are happy to see you alive but how can we believe a attacker who can try to kill you, Acharaya says i have prepared for everything, i will prove that whatever this soldier will say will be true, he ask doctor to come forward, he says to doctor that your services should be given to royal people only, it was rule made but i am confused that when Bindu was fighting for life, you went to treat this common soldier? doctor says its my duty to treat injured people, Acharya says why other soldiers didnt see your humality earlier, you know that it is against rules that you cant treat common people but you treated this attacker so it is proved that you did that on saying of some great person, this is not co incidence that Samrat and i was attacked at sametime, it was planned, Samrat and i have same enemy and who is he will be proved soon, Helena points to Justin to stop Acharya, Justin brings out his sword and ask doctor who asked you to treat that attacker?attacker takes sword from him and kills himself, attacker dies on spot, Helena smirks, attacker’s bory is taken from there, Acharaya says if that attacker said truth, he wouldnt have got death penalty but he knew truth was more important to not get disclosed than his life.
Scene 2
Helena says to Acharaya says that if you are fighting case for AShok then other guru will fight case from magdh’s side, Acharaya says when i am taking this kid’s side so it can be seen this child is hoenst, Guru says to Acharaya that i have learned everything from you, we cant raise our voice over but i will fight my case with full honesty, dont take it personally, Acahraya says what i taught you, just show that, i will be pleased. Guru starts his case, he ask AShok that you were hidden in jungle, you had archery kit with you, AShok agrees, Guru says you attacked Bindu, Ashok says no, this is not truth, i dont know how to use archery kit, i saw attacker myself and if you dont believe me then bring a women (he doesnt know that she was Dharma as she was veiled) here who was treating Samrat, she also saw that killed, Khurasan says yes there was a women, Acharaya brought her for treatment of Samrat, Guru ask to call that women, Dharma comes in court and is hiding her face with cloth, she looks at khurasan and recalls how he attacked her, killed her father, Acharaya is tensed knowing she is Dharma, Khurasan ask to give your introduction, we have to recognize you as its about witness statement so you have to remove your veil, Helena ask to remove veil else she will have to order soldiers, Dharma removes her veil, Ashok says Maa, Khurasan is shocked and says she is Dharma, Helena says who Dharma? khurasan says years back she married Bindusar, if she is alive then her child must be alive too, if this kid AShok is her child? you have come to take revenge, he is your kid whom you want to save, Dharma says now he is not my child, Khurasan says no he is your son, i will kill him, he brings out his sword and attacks Ashok, Dharma says no… it turns out to be her dream, she is still veiled, Khurasan ask her to remove her veil, a soldier comes and informs that Bindu has got consciousness, Acharaya heives sigh of relief, Guru says this court is adjourned for one day, this kid get one day of life more because of same Samrat whom he wanted to kill, Helena says no one will meet Samrat without my order.
Scene 3
Justin and Helena comes to Samrat bindu, Justin says that enemies sent one kid to kill you, he calls himself as SAmrat, and Acharya is taking his side, Samrat ask is Acharya back? Helena says yes, we thought Acharya came for you but he is taking side of attacker, Dharma is listening all this hiding, Helena says a kid attacked you, Bindu says my enemy has stooped so low, Justin says we will decide his punishment tomorrow, Samrat says i will listen to case tomorrow in court and if found guilty then that kid will be given Death penalty.
Radhagupt brings some bodies to Acharya, he says they took same poison which was applied on arrow with which Samrat was attacked, Acharaya this poison can only be taken from clinic, Dharma comes there and then why my kid is called culprit? Acharya says dont forget that to get Magdh’s throne one have to go through many issues and this is selfish act, a future Samrat doesnt see anything, he just go with flow and you cant stop him, there will be bloodshed, difficulties. Dharma ask then why did you bring AShok here? Acharaya says because it is destiny of AShok. otherside AShok is tied in jail.
PRECAP- Guru says to Samrat Bindusar that this kid tried to kill you, i request you to give death penalty to this kid. Bindu says to Ashok in court that you are alleged to attack me, you tried to kill me, i dont know how to behave with you, Ashok says behave like a Samrat should behave with other Samrat. Acharaya says i want to ask permission to repeat the scene in which Bindusar was attacked in jungle to prove some points, he is given permission. later in jungle, Acharaya lies on bed, a arrow hits his body, all are shocked. later Helena says in court that nothing is more important than Samrat’s life and this women (Dharma) who has treated Samrat should show her identity, she comes to Dharma and takes off her veil, Samrat Bindu, khurasan are shocked, Ashok is surprised to see her. 

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Ashoka Samrat Episode 6 Update on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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