Ashoka Samrat Episode 5 Update on Tuesday 11th September 2018

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Scene 1
Acharaya comes in his room, AShok comes in his room, he says if you want peaceful life then tell me where is my mother? Acharaya says cowards gives warning, Ashok says cowards kidnaps mothers to get to child, Acharya ask him calm down, what decision you will take, your mother will have to pay for it, you should surrender yourself to save your mother, Ashok says if anything happens to my mother then whole magdh have to pay for this, so decision should be taken by you, Acharaya calls his soldiers, he ask soldiers to tie him, Ashok is being tied with ropes to pillar, Acharaya says you are clever Samrat Ashok, acharya says to Ashok that you have to give right direction to your intelligence, if you listen to me then nothing will happen to your mother, AShok ask why you are behind me? Acharaya says nothing can be told before time.
Noor comes to Bindu and finds Dharma there, she says so you are the one choosen to treat Nindu, Bindu murmurs Dharma’s name, Noor fumes and thinks that this name has filled poison in my life, she leave, Dharma looks at Bindu.
Doctor comes to Justin who Acharaya was send out when Dharma came to treat Bindu, he sys to Helena and justin that Acharaya insulted my work, Justin says you can take revenge, think if Bindu die in in that girl’s treatment then you can take revenge from Acaharay, doctor says how can i kill Bindu, this is wrong, i have to tell acahraya that Bindu’s life is in danger, Justin says i know your secret, you have basement in your house, where you kidnap children and try new medicines on them, you have to be silent else your secret will be out.
Dharma comes to meet Acharaya in his room, Ashok listens her voice and tries to call out her name but Acharaya closes his mouth, he comes out of his room, Dharma says to Acharaya that Bindu need special kind of medicine to save his life, Acahraya says i dont know anything, what medicine you want, you can make it, i am protecting your son and you have your son and Samrat Sindu in your hands, you have to protect them both, Dharma leaves.
Scene 2
doctor is making special medicine and recalls how justin said that he can take revenge.
dharma is making medicine in Bindu’s room. Ashok tries and opens the rope around his body, he runs from Acharaya’s room, he takes archery kit to make Soldiers afraid. otherside doctor makes special kind of arrow which can kill anyone, he says to soldier now this arrow can be used in archery kit to kill.
Soldiers are running behind AShok, he hides in jungle, Soldiers says now Acharaya will punish them.
its morning, Acharaya comes to lake side to take bath.
Ashok is in jungle, Bindusar is brought in jungle for his treatment, Dharma, Khurasan is there too, Dharma has veil on her face, she is treating ill Bindu. otherside Acharaya is taking bath in lake, some soldiers comes out from water, and surround acharaya, he is being forced in water, he is being killed by drowning him in water. in jungle, the same special arrow is fired at Bindu, it hits his body, all looks back and Ashok is sitting on tree, he finds the soldeir who fired arrow on other tree, he tries to stop him but soldier runs, khurasan says this kid, he has attacked Bindu, catch him, AShok runs behind attacker, while other soldiers run behind him, Dharma fins khurasan there and recalls how he attacked her earlier too, she worries for Ashok.
Acharaya is drowning in water. Ashok throws stone at Soldier, he falls but other soldiers catch Ashok, AShok says i didnt fire arrow, i dont even know how to fire it, believe me it was that soldier who attacked him, attacker runs from there, soldiers says Khurasan has asked us to bring you to him.
doctor brings out arrow from Bindu’s body, khurasan says that this arrow have poison on it mean someone wanted to kill him, dharma takes another arrow and treats Bindu with it, she says i am trying to stop poison from reaching heart, she says this arrow can take life and gives life too, it depends on intention, Ashok is brought there, he says i am saying truth, i didnt fire arrow, Dharma says he is saying truth, i found attacker too, this kid didnt attack Bindu, Khurasan says truth will be decided in court tomorrow, Dharma thinks where are you Acahraya only you can save Ashok.
Scene 2
Radhagupt comes to lake and finds Acharaya dead by lake side, he cries. soldier informs Helena that Acharaya is being killed, some kid ran behind me and he is very fast. doctor comes there and says Bindu is being attacked, but the girl who Acharaya might be able to save him, she is trying hard, helena says why dont he get killed? i tried many times but this Bindu never dies, doctor says one kid is being arrested, khurasan thinks that he attacked Bindu, Justin laughs and says they think that a kid attacked Bindusar, Helena says we can take advantage of this, we will make sure that kid gets punished for killing Acharaya, i will handle this matter as i dont trust you jusint, Justin gets angry. siren plays indicating that acharaya is dead.
Radhagupt gathers Acharya’s students and tells them that there is one news Acahraya is being attacked and he is… students have special kind of tattoo on their back.
the soldier who has tattoo on his back, he comes to red light area to enjoy with girls, girl says i like your tattoo, he gets tensed.
Khurasan is with Bindu, soldier informs him that Acharaya is dead, Dharma is shocked, khurasan says this means that kid killed Acharaya too, Dharma is more shocked, khurasan ask her to save Bindu, she says i have to know what was there on that Arrow which was fired at Bindu, for that i have to meet that kid, khurasan agrees.
Scene 3
Ashok is getting beaten up in jail, he says i am telling truth that i didnt attack Bindu, i just came to meet my mother who Acharaya had kidnapped. he recalls how Dharma used to pamper him, how she would feel his pain when he would get hurt, he is being beaten up.
Dharma comes to Ashok, she has veil on her face, he says i have to ask you something, he says i am innocent, i dont know anything, she ask soldiers to go from here, i have to investigate him, all leaves, Dharma takes off her veil, she says Ashok… he says Maa, lal mere song plays, she hugs AShok, they both cry, she finds bruises on his body, he says forgive me Maa, i am responsible for all this, i will take you from here, she say you are still thinking about me, she says you will asked questions in court but yu have to protect yourself, you have to speak truth, AShok says whats the use to truth when they dont believe it, he says only Acharaya can save me, he know why did i come here, Dharma says he is being killed, Ashok says then tell them that i came here for you, i have no relation with Bindu, Dharma recalls how she married Bindu, he says i am here for you only, Dharma says promise me you wont tell about yourself in court, you wont tell from where you are, Ashok says why should i hide truth, she says do as i say, he says okay.
Scene 4
the soldier who got hurt while killing Acharaya comes to Doctor, doctor says you will be fine, the same soldier who had tattoo at his back sees them.
Noor is in tears when Justin comes to her, he sys why you are tensed? she sys maybe be Bindu wont live now, i will have no identity without him, charumitra wont let me live, Justin says no one can touch when i am with you, he comes closer to her and says it was Bindu’s badluck that he didnt able to love you, they hug each other.
Helena comes to Ashok in jail. Helena says now kids kill people too, Ashok says i am not killer, i had seen real killer, Helena is stunned, she says but all think you are killer, if gets proven then you will be given death penalty, Ashok says nobody believes me, do you believe me? you are queen, you can save me, Helena says court will not accept my decision as proofs are against you, Helena ask Ashok to accept the crime that he attacked Bindu so she will do something that he will not get death penalty, Ashok sys but when i didnt attack anyone then why should i lie, you can ask my mother too, he then recalls how Dharma said that dont tell anybody about them, helena ask your mother is here? he says no but she knows that i dont know how to use archery kit, Helena says you accept your crime in court tomorrow, i will save you from death penalty, i dont want a kid to get that punishment, you have whole night to think, she leaves.
PRECAP-Ashok is presented in court. Guru ask Ashok in court that were you there in jungle when Bindu was getting treated there? Ashok says yes but.. Guru ask did you have archery kit with you, you attacked Bindusar, Ashok says this is not truth, the killer was someone else, i saw him in jungle, if you dont believe me then ask women who was treating Bindu, she had seen him too, Dharma is brought there, she is in veil, Khurasan says you have to remove your veil as you are witness in court so we need your identity, she removes her veil, Khurasan is shocked.

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