Ashoka Samrat Episode 4 Update on Monday 10th September 2018


Dharma ask ashok to go from here, ashok teases Acharaya and leaves. Dharma ask why did you come here? Acharaya ask how did you get this royal ring? Acharaya says kings give money and food in people not their personal jewelry, only magdh’s royal family have right on it and Samrat also know that then why did he give it you? Dharma says i dont know why he gave it to me, how can i answer you? 

Acharaya says your answer can affect future of magdh, back then when i met chandragupt at his young age, he used to call himself as Samrat, i got to know that he is future of magdh and now seeing your son i feel same, this is not coincidence that you have this ring, your son have all the qualities of Samrat, the same power, same intelligence he have like Samrats, i am here to find Samrat for magdh, Dharma ask him to go away, Acharaya says truth will not change, maghd’s future, magdh’s success is fate of ashok, Dharma says its not his fate but evilness for my son’s life and i will do everything to protect my son from all this, Ashok’s life will be for peace and welfare, he will be brhamin, if you stay here for a minute then i will think you are crossing limits, Acharaya says Binusar is critical, he is fighting for life, Dharma cries, he says magdh will break if we dont take decision, Dharma says goodbye, Acharaya leaves. 

Dharma cries and says i will go from here with my son so that past doesnt follow my son. Acharaya comes to Radhagupt, he says now its time to meet Bindusar after 14 years. Ashok comes to Dharma, she ask why did you take this ring, Ashok ask whats important in this ring? that Acharaya came here behind this ring, and you are getting angry on me for this ring? Dharma says we will leave from here, he ask why? she says you dont have to know this, we have to leave from here, she brings him in house and says we have to leave fast from here, he ask why we are running, is this ring related to person who is responsible for our sadness? 

Dharma says i will tell on right time, Ashok says i am 14 years old, when will right time come, is that person reason that why we keep running, she ask why you are stubborn, AShok says i am asking for my right, who is my father? i will not leave from here, Dharma says you wanna get killed? Ashok says who can kill me, Dharma says Ashok you are nothing, you dont know anything, this power is nothing, you have to come with me wherever i go, Ashok leaves the house. 

Acharaya and Radhagupt enters the palace after 14 years. they are stopped by soldiers at gate, khurasan comes there and says to him that you came before time, i will not let you meet bindusar, go from here chanayka, soldier says oh you are chanayka, he moves away from his path, khurasan says you didnt listen to my order, soldier says i am magdh’s soldier and magdh got first Samrat because of acharaya so i cant stop his path, Acahraya comes inside. helena comes to Justin and says you are stupid, why you didnt kill Bindu in battlefield, justin says there was khuarasan in battlefield, i couldnt do anything, also Sushim is 16 years old now, even if Bindu dies, sushim will take throne, helena says losers can never win but you have to act like winner, Justin says these are only talks, its not easy to defeat magdh, we tried alot to kill bindusar but couldnt do anything, khurasan is protecting bindusar, helena shows a liquid (poison) to Justin, she says what if i didnt give birth to Bindu but i can give him death. Acharaya comes to Bindu, who is unconscious, ahcaraya says to him that i have found future of magdh, soon they will come here. soldiers come in dharma’s house, they say Acharya have ordered to arrest Ashok for misbehaving, dharma says no you cant take him, soldiers take away ashok from there. 

Acharaya says i couldnt find another way to bring dharma here so had to arrest ashok, they cant run away from fate. soldiers says that finally we got this guy, Ashok is in cage, soldier says he had put chillies in our eyes, i will beat him alot. cage is brought in palace, its empty, soldier says he is very clever, very fast, he ran away, Acharaya ask how? soldier says we arrested him, flashback shows how AShok is in cage, he finds his friends in jungle, Ashok says to soldiers that you people are very powerful, you people fight for Samrat, but he awarded, you people arrested me but who will get reward? acharaya, he took ring from me too which you people should have got, this is injustice, i have found a treasure, was going to collect it but you arrested me, he shows them way to treasure, soldiers says dont come in his talk, they find way blocked so decide to go from treasure path, AShok says treasure in under this area, let me come out to see it for last time, soldiers open his cage, AShok’s friends reflects their jewelry on ground, soldeirs thinks its treasure shining, they go to dig the area and falls in pit, as it was already dug area, Ashok says oh what happened to you people, Ashok and his friends make fun of them, he says to soldiers that tell Acharaya he cant stop the flowing power, flasback ends. Acharaya smiles listening this and says yes i cant stop flowing power but i can give direction to this flowing power. 

Ashoka’s title song plays, Ashok runs with full power. Ashok comes back to home, he doesnt find Dhrma there, he shouts Maa.. he thinks did Acharaya kidnapped her, he says Acharaya you can to whatever you want but i will find my mother. Dharma comes to palace, soldiers stop her, she says tell Acharaya that i want to meet him, she recalls how bindu said that she is is queen, her place is beside him in palace, how he promised to comback to her, how her father got killed by khurasan, how khurasan said that Bindu asked him to kill dharma. Radhagupt comes out of palace, he takes Dharma inside palace. dharma comes to Acharaya, she says i am Subhadrangi, where is my son, Acharaya moves away, Bindu is lying on bed unconscious, she is stunned to see him, she recalls their moments, she get in tears, tum hi to mere ho song plays, she comes by his bedside, she touches his forehead and sees he is having fever, doctor says we have given him medicine, dharma says but it will not work, we have to do something else poison will spread in his body, doctor says i know his body, i have given right medicine, she says but it will not work, Acharaya says i believe dharma, you leave from here, Acharaya says you loved Bindu, now he is in serious condition but you are unmoved, Dharma says i came here for my son only, 14 years back he promised to comeback to me but then send someone to kill me and my son, Acharaya says this is not truth, dharma says i have come here just for my son, Bindu murmurs Dharma’s name in unconscious state, she is stunned, tum hi toh mere ho plays, Acharay says he didnt meet you for 14 years but still in critical state is taking your name, see his love, do you think he could kill you and your son? only you can save him, Dharma says this not possible, Acharaya says we have to save him for magdh, Dharma says i have one condition, till i dont see ashok safe and sound i will not do treatment, Acharaya says you dont have to worry for ashok, he is fine. 

Dharma looks at Bindu. Helena comes to meet Bindu but soldier stops her and says we are not allowed to let anyone go in, she says how dare you stop me, soldier says we are following orders, helena ask who can order me? Acharaya Chanakya comes there and says i have taken this decision for betterment of Samrat, so that he gets fine soon, this decision is taken for betterment of magdh, dont you want Samrat bindu to get fine soon, helena says i am his mother, Acahraya says thats why i am requesting you, helena fumes and leaves from there. Ashok comes to palace, soldiers stop him, he says my mother is inside, he has kidnapped her to get to me, tell him Ashok have come, soldier says Samrat is ill, nobody is allowed to go in, Ashok says he should have thought before provoking me, soldiers pushes him away, he finds a cart coming there, there is food in cart for soldierrs, ashok hides beneath cart and get inside palace, soldier finds him and says how you get inside, whoa are you to go against magdh soldiers, ashok jumos and runs from them, he tackles them, runs with high speed, throws things at them , soldiers tries to catch him, he puts fire on his shawl and burns the place, he runs from there. 

Acharaya listens noise and says to dharma that he has come, the future of magdh. Bindu is murmuring Dharma’s name, Acharaya says to her that you protect Samrat and your son too, Dharma says i promised to keep my son away from all this, i dont accept this, i am going, Acharaya says your son’ protection is in my hands. Justin says to Guru that Acharaya’s coming back is not good for us, helena says you keep thinking, Nikator ,, have send this letter for next step, Justin reads it and ask how we will do this, Helena says make it possible, attack Bindu then nikator ,, will attack patliputar(capital of magdh), she says we will kill sons of Bindu and then Justin will be made king, Guru ask what about Acharaya? helena says tomorrow will be last day for his life. Ashok is running from soldiers. Acharaya says that magdh is getting weak and this is shown by ashok who can dodge lot of soldiers easily, Ashok comes in palace, he takes water jug in hands and says to soldiers that i have brought water for Bindu, soldiers let him to go inside. 

 PRECAP- bindu sar is lying on bed, someone throws arrow at him, it hits his body, Ashok is there wit archery kit, all look at him thinking that he has attacked bindu, dharma is there too, khurasan ask to catch him, he is caught by soldiers, soldiers says he attacked Samrat, Khurasan ask his soldiers to put Ashok in jail. Ashok is getting beaten up in jail. otherside Dharma ask Bindu to get up from coma and save Ashok, he is innocent, he cant attack you. in jail, Helena ask Ashok to accept the crime that he attacked Bindu so she will do something that he will not get death penalty. later Dharma comes to Ashok in jail and says tomorrow in court, questions will be asked to you and you have to protect yourself. later Ashok is presented in court.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Ashoka Samrat Episode 4 Update on Monday 10th September 2018

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