Ashoka Samrat Episode 3 Update on Friday 7th September 2018


Acharaya says it was 14 years that i was away from Magdh but i kept praying for magdh, i was in doubt that what if time finishes the culture which i and chandragupta maurya had set, his student comes to him and informs that ujjain’s king chatiraj has attacked their city. khurasan comes in ground and says that i know chatiraj is hiding here only, Justin says we have such huge force with us, he must be knowing about our arrival, he must have run away, khurasan says he must be preparing for war, Bindu says not Justin is right, lets go forward and see whats truth. 

Acharaya says chatiraj is good king and Ujjain going against magdh will severe the problem, Radhagupt says what if whole india starts burning in this war, Acharaya says the magdh for which i was praying for 14 years, now i have doubt of its future, we want Samrat more powerful than Samrat Bindu sar. Bindu Sar takes some soldiers with him to go forward and see chatiraj, he starts to leave but the fire circle is made around his force in battle field, chatiraj’s soldiers rise from mud, they surround Bindu sar, Bindu and khurasan is fighting with them, both the parties enters in huge war, ujjain’s commander chatiraj is seeing war from a cliff, he then brings out his sword and runs in battle field, he comes infront of justin, their fight starts, he beats Justin and is about to kill him but justin saves himself, then attacks chatiraj, in fight, Justin falls on ground, chatiraj is about to attack but Bindu saves Justin and helps him get up from ground, then Bindu starts fighting with chatiraj, Bindu injures him, he falls on ground and hits Bindu in his belly with dagger, Bindu says you have to pay for this, he beheads chatiraj, chatiraj dies, Justin runs to Bindu. 

Bindu Sar is brought in palace, he is unconscious, doctors come there, Noor comes to him and cries, she looks at khurasan, he assures her, Noor says to Bindu that my world is with you, i wont let anything happen to you, Bindu gets semi-conscious, she gets happy, bindu murmurs Dharma’s name, he recalls his wedding with her, Noor gets angry, she leaves from there. Acharaya is told by students that Bindu is injured, Magdh is burning in riots, Sushim and Siamak are not capable to handle kingship as he is young, but they are fighting for throne, this way magdh will fail, acharaya says its not princes but their mothers who are playing this game, one side charumitra who has black blood in he veins, otherside charumitra says that tonight is eclipse night, i have to sacrifice 3 lives so that my son Sushim(susima) will become king, God accept this sacrifice, she says to Sushim that Bindusar’s is breathing last, be ready to be new king. 

Acharaya says that otherside there is Noor, who is hunting to make her Son new king. Noor is enjoying the sword pratice of siamak, she says to khurasan that my son will become Samrat at any cost, this is my promise. Acharaya says that princes who are in hands of lusty mothers, how can they be future of magdh, this state want a Samrat like chandragupt, who can take his decision, 

PRECAP, one student says that maurya family doesnt have anyone like this, Acharaya finds lion there and gets satisfied. 

Bindu sar is getting treated. otherside student to Acharaya that maurya dynasty need a teacher who can show them way, Radhagupt says that you guided chandragupt and bindusar now you will have to guide new successor, the Samrat who can solve problems of magdh, Acharaya leaves to find a new Samrat. 

Acharaya is going through jungle, he is shown way by lion, he keeps following lion and then lion is gone, he is in middle of jungle when a kid jumps from tree and says that to pass from here you have to give tax, Acharaya ask who are you to ask for tax? kid says i am right hand of magdh’s future, i am shatrujeet (jeet), all have to pay tax, acharaya ask who is your Samrat? jeet says he is solving problems of his people, give me tax, Acahraya gives him tax and ask can i meet your Samrat, he says why not, he can solve any problem. title song of Ashoka plays. young Ashok comes on screen with lion’s mask on face, on kid says that welcome new Samrat of magdh, other kid says he is powerful, he is forgiving, they chant for him, all people of village are gathered, one man says this kid will become Samrat? seeing his clothes, i doubt if he can arrange his food even, Ashok folds his fist in anger, he jumps and comes right infront of him, he says Samrat is not made from clothes, not from wealth but made because of his deeds, my roayl tilak will be done by dust of my state, he takes off his mask, Acharaya and Radhagupt is there too, one kids puts dust tilak on his forehead, ashoka song plays.. one person says that Bindusar maybe ill but is alive, if he gets to know about all this then will get death penalty to all of us, Ashok says when living is like death here so why care about death penalty? 

Samrat is drunk, he is away from people, he has many girls around him but nation is dying out of hunger, Samrat is counting his wives and people are RAm Ram satye, Radhagupt laughs , one person says that Samrat is in crucial state and you are making fun of him, Ashok jumps n air and comes to him, he says i am ill-mannered but why Samrat is ignorant? the one who wants throne are real enemies of Samrat, Acharaya is impressed by him, Ashok says all want throne be it Unani (greece people) or khurasani, we dont have trade, food and Samrat is not doing justice, hope is lost, only i am your hope, 

PRECAP, kids chant for Ashok, some soldiers come there so kids run away, Ashok is surrounded by army,soldier says you are making fun of our Samrat, catch him, Ashok jumpps and runs, they are running behind him, he tackles them with intelligence, Acharaya smiles, Ashok is again surrounded by them, he finds a shop and comes to shopkeeper, he ask is this chilli powder spicy? 

shopkeeper says very much, ashok throws chilli powder on soldiers, he runs from there. comes to another shop and finds honeycomb there, he calls soldiers there and throws stone at honeycomb, bees bite soldiers, ashok runs from there, then some other soldiers surround him and catches him finally, he says to soldiers that when become Samrat then i will punish you, one soldier says that what you have done, you can be killed, Ashok says i know i have to pay Ransom to free myself, he shows hm gold ring (which bindu gifted Dharma), solider is lured by it, Ashok ask him to take it, Acharaya comes there and takes ring from him, he ask Ashok who did you get this ring? 

who are you whats you name? he says i am Ashok, Samrat Ashok, Acharaya recalls how changragupt had same attitude when he was kid and offered acharaya to be his teacher. Acharaya says that stealing is crime, how did you get this ring, tell me? Ashok gets tensed but then looks at his horse and sit in his feet, he pretends and says i think that my life will change after meeting, thamk for coming, he snatches ring from from him, jumps high, sit on Acharaya’s horse and leaves from there in style, Acharaya is bowled by his intelligence, he finds lion there and gets idea that Ashok is the one, he says to Radhagupt that we got new Samrat, find where he lives. 

jeet says to other kid that our Samrat got arrested even before becoming Samrat, other kid says what if they arrest us too, Ashok comes there on horse, and says you want to become my confidant and runs away like this? you are coward, he kicks a kid, kid falls, one ask him how did you get saved from soldiers? Ashok says they cant catch Samrat, he ask how much tax they collected today? kids give away all coins, ashok says this is not tax but trust of people for new Samrat, chant for me, all kids become silent, Ashok ask them to chant for Samrat, Dharma comes there and says long live Samrat, Ashok gets tensed and looks at her, she is angry on him, he throws coins away seeing her, Dharma ask from where did you get these coins? kid says ashok helped people and they gave him gift, other kid says that one kid was fallin in lake, ashok saved him so he gave him coins, other kid says he was praying to God so God got happy and gave him all these coins, Dahrma holds Ashok and says look in my eyes and tell me truth, Ashok collects coins and says my people game me coins as they trust me, they gave me coins for betterment of them, i will spend these coins on my army, Dharma says you will have to give back all these coins and will also get punished, his friends flees from there, Ashok says to her that let me be hungry but dont gve me that punishment, Dharma says you should have thought about it before doing this. Ashok sulks. 

Ashok says to Sorry to Dharma, she is making a bitter herbal juice, Ashok says i cant drink this as punishment, she gives it to him, he gulps it and says its very nice but i cant drink more, Dharma says these herbal things will make your memory strong and you will never forget that you are not Samrat but a common guy, she ask him to drink it, Ashok runs from there, he comes to laskside, Dahrma comes there, Acharaya is there, Ashok says to him that if you have come to complain about me then let me tell you i have told her truth already, Dharma greets him and ask who are you, Ashok says he is Acharaya Chanakya, the great Guru of maurya Samrats, Dharma recalls how she married Bindu, how she waited for him, how her father was killed, how khurasan said that Bindu ordered him to kill dharma, she is stunned to see Acharaya there. 

PRECAP- Ashok ask Dharma is this ring connected to man who is reason for our sadness, who left you, who didnt came to see me, i want an answer, Dharma ask to not be stubborn, AShok says this is my right to know who is my father. .

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