Ashoka Samrat Episode 13 Update on Friday 21st September 2018

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Scene 1
announcer comes in market, he says to people that this year, on occasion of mahashivratri, there will be function from Samrat bindu’s side and he has to ordered to celebrate it well.
Helena is in her room, Justin comes to her, he says why you are ignoring things, everything will be taken by acharaya, also that doctor (dharma) made Bindu well again, now we are still idle, Helena says in game you should understand moves ot enemy too otherwise we can lose the winning game, i am thinking of new plot only, you have any idea? Justin gets silent, she says till we dont find a good move, we will not do anything, soon we will know what we will have to do and what our destination would be.
Ashok is making Gul bushan eat, he says i told you that i will leave from here and see i am leaving, afterall i am Samrat vanraj, i know you will miss me, i will miss you too as you are first one to kick me and i didnt say anything to you, okay now i should leave, he recalls how Acharaya said that beast is still alive, he gts tensed.
some beggar is asking for food from shopkeeper but shopkeeper shoves him away, Ashok finds beggar hungry, he calls out to him and gives his laddos to him, shopkeeper’s laddos are stolen by someone else, shopkeeper alleges beggar that you stole the laddos, AShok says i am witness, he didnt steal it, shopkeeper finds ashok’s laddos in his hands and says see he stole my laddos, Ashok says how can you say that he stole it, this is injustice to call anyone stealer like this, shopkeeper says i have found laddos in his hands, he was craving for them so he is still stealer, how can you take his side when we can see everything clearly, Ashok recalls how he said to Acharaya that doctor was found dead in mysterious room so he is beast but how Acharaya said it is not necessary that what we see is truth, it can be beast is someone else and he killed doctor to save his skin, AShok is convinced that beast is alive.
Radhagupt ask Acharaya that you know who is real beast? Acharaya says no but i know that doctor was not beast, only this kid Ashok can find out who is real beast, Ashok is not common kid, he is unique, he will find out.
Scene 2
Ashok comes to place where last ceremony of doctor is going on, he doesnt find any tattoo on his body which he saw on beast’s body while fighting with him, he says this means Acharaya was right, doctor was not beast, who is beast now.
Dharma is with other dasies, they ask Dharma do you do pooja with your husband on mahashivratri, Dharma recalls how she used to do pooja alone. dasi says queen Subrishri is coming today, she is third wife os Bindu, she is very simple and doesnt have royal strike with her, she lives simple life with her son drupat, queen Subrishri comes to palace with her son, Bindu caresses his son drupat, Drupat says that Subrishri doesnt let me take sword in my hands saying i am kid, am i kid? Bindu says no you are strong, he thanks Subrishri for coming here, he leaves, Helena ask Subrishri to get ready for function.
Dharma comes in room, Charu and Noor are sitting there, Charu taunts noor that every year i sit with Bindu in pooja, Noor says control your son, he has done many things, Charu says he is future Samrat, dont talk like this, Noor says but he lost to common stable guy AShok, Dharma listens all this, Subrishri comes there, Noor and charu greets her, Subrishri says that i came to celebrate mahashivratri with my husband as it is good for couple, Charu says Bindu will decide with whom he will sit in pooja, they leave, Dharma says that Bindu want to create peace in nation but there is no peace in his house only.
Guru says to Bindu that its good doctor was caught, we couldnt think he was beast, Ashok comes in court and says to Bindu that doctor was not beast, he was killed so that our attention is diverted from real beast, i am sure real beast is till alive, Guru says how can you say this? Ashok says that beast has tattoo on his body but doctor had not that tattoo, the reward which you gave to me, i dont deserve this, Acharaya says you are accepting that you did mistake, Ashok says that i know but this time i will catch real beast and will claim my reward, Bindu says if beast is alive then we will find him, he ask AShok to be ready as he has to find real beast, this time dont do any mistake, Ashok says this time, i wont do mistake, this is my promise.
Scene 3
Ashok comes to Dharma and says i did mistake, doctor was not beast, Dharma says important thing is that what you learn from your mistake, AShok says i will find out the real beast, Dharma says this time i will do mahashivratri fast, i want you to recite some holy lines, you are surrounded by problems, you should pray to lord, Ashok says i will do it, Dharma says remember dont break recitation inbetween, Ashok nods.
Bindu comes in court, all greet him, Bindu ask to start the pooja, priest says to Charu that you are Bindu’s first wife so you have the right to sit in pooja, Noor fumes, Charu and Bindu starts the pooja, Dharma is standing behind Bindu, she prays that lord this is my good fate that even if i am not standing beside him, atleast he is with me today. Charu and Bindu sit to do pooja, priest ask them to stand, charu smirks at Noor, Noor kicks Charu stealthily, Charu is not able to stand, Dharma says that she has sprain in her foot, she cant stand, Noor says how she will do pooja now? Bindu says she will do pooja, he ask Dharma to help Charu in pooja, help her stand, Dharma is shocked, Bindu, Charu and Dharma stand to do pooja, Bindu prays that i still miss Dharma, Dharma prays that i have come to know that whatever is happening is happening for good only and i accept your decision God.
Ashok comes to isolated place to recite holy lines, he start the pooja. in court, Guru comes to Bindu and says we have caught some people which have tattoos on their body, Bindu ask to show them to Ashok, Sushim ask what happened? Bindu says we got to know that beast is still alive but he will be soon caught as Ashok is witness, i trust him, Sushim fumes in anger. Bindu gets busy in pooja, Sushim recalls how Bindu is impressed with Ashok, how Ashok getting attention, he is about to leave but Charu ask to calm down and dont leave, Suhim leaves from court without listening to her, Bindu is stunned to see him leaving pooja, Noor says to Charu that you keep trying to improve your son’s image and he keep doing things to destroy it.
one side Ashok is doing pooja, otherside Bindu is doing pooja. Sushim comes to Ashok who is doing pooja, Ashok recalls how Dharma said to not stop pooja inbetween, Sushim starts hitting Ashok with hunter but Ashok continues his Pooja, after finishing recitation, he opens his eyes and holds his hunter, he throws Sushim away and says that i should have known that only you are coward enough to attack from behind, Sushim says today i will show you who is real coward, he takes out his sword, he gives one sword to Asho, they start the sword fight, Ashok finds same tattoo on Sushim’s body as on beast’s body, he is stunned, he says so you are the beast, Sushim looks at his tattoo and says today i wont leave you alive, he attacks Ashok but Ashok grabs him neck, Ashok recalls how once he was beating a kid, Dharma came to him and says said that violence is not solution of anything, promise me that you wont fight with anyone from now on? Ashok says but if someone beat me, then i should stay silent? it will look like i am coward, Dharma says walking on peace path is not cowardliness, God will help you in tough times. Ashok leaves Sushim, sushim beats him and says your end is near, soldiers come there so Sushim leaves Ashok and leaves the place, Ashok ask soldier to catch Sushim, he is beast, Soldier says are you mad, he is next Samrat, Ashok says i will tell Samrat about Sushim, he will take decision, Soldier says leave that on Samrat Bindu, you are called by Guru, come with us.
Scene 4
Noor gifts Siamak necklace, she says i am proud of you, Siamak ask what i did? Noor says your innocence is good, today you completed pooja with your father, sushim maybe elder but he couldnt even sit in pooja, when next Samrat will be made, these things will be counted, Siamak ask why Sushim remains angry with me? Noor says he is jealous of you, as you have back of your maternal grandfather Khurasan, Charu and Sushim knows that the one who have power get the throne, Siamak says can i become Samrat of Magdh, she says ofcourse.
Charu ask soldiers to find Sushim, Sushim comes there in angry state.
AShok comes to Guru and says that if you dont believe then see Sushim’s body, it has same tattoo, he is real beast, you readily agrees to punish innocent kids like me, can give us death penalty but the one who is real culprit, you are not able to raise voice against him, Guru says even if we accept that Sushim have same tattoo so what, there maybe many people who have same tattoo, you want me to doubt Sushim on your saying, you are witness so just check people which we have caught, Ashok says i have already caught the real culprit but you people are unable to take action against him, this is injustice, when it comes to justice, one one is king, heir or prince, if you and Samrat can do justice and i AShok will do justice.
PRECAP- Ashok ask Acharaya that if i tell Samrat Bindu that his Son Sushim is real beast, will be partial? Acharaya says to Ashok that i assume you are common person, do you think that when you will tell Samrat Bindusar about Sushim being real beast, he will be partial toward his son? Charu burns iron rod and removes tattoo from sushim’s body, he screams in pain, she says you will not come out of room till tomorrow and i will erase all proofs against you. later AShok and Suahim comes face to face, both angrily look at eahc other, Charu gets know that sushim left the room, she gets angry.

Credit: TelenovelaGH | Ashoka Samrat Episode 13 Update on Friday 21st September 2018

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