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Scene 1
Charu is doing black magic, she listens some noise, she ask Dasi, Dasi tells her that your room’s security is tighten, as beast have taken Ashok with him now, Charu says Ashok? Dasi says dont know if AShok will be saved or not.
Dharma comes to Bindu and says its time for your medicine, she applies cream on his wounds, she ask Bindu that security is tightened, is there some problem? you also seem tensed, Bindu tells dharma that one beast is openly roaming in Patliputra, he is taking away kids with him, nobody know about him, if enemy is from outside then its not difficult to beat him but if you have internal enemy then its difficult to find out, he is brave enough to take away one more kid, yesterday night, he took Ashok with him, Dharma is shocked, Bindu says same kid whom you treated, Dharma panics, Bindu says i am not feeling well for Ashok, i dont know but i am feeling that i am responsible for AShok’s situation, Dharma recalls how she gave Ashok’s safety to Acharaya, she leaves from there.
Ashok is tied in mysterious place, beast comes there and says that you promised to make me caught so i kidnapped you, Ashok says this is your foolishness, Beast says nobody can can go from this this place, Ashok says you are not powerful, beast says you are nothing infront of beast, Ashok says open my hands and then see who is more powerful, beast beats Ashok with Hunter, AShok says i am not feeling pain, you have only this much strength, beast beats him more, Ashok says see if your hands get hurt, beast fumes and beats him more, Dharma is finding Acahraya but unable to find him, one soldier tells her that he saw him going out, Dharma goes there.
beast hits Ashok with wooden rod, he says you are nothing infront of me, Ashok laughs and say you should be entertainer instead of beast, i feeling like laughing with these tortures of yours. Dharma is still finding Acharaya.
Scene 2
AShok opens his ties and attacks beast, he tries to take off his mask, beast throws him away, Ashok hits the pillar and falls unconscious. Ashok feels dizzy. dharma comes in mandir, she cries and prays to Lord to save her child, she says i always preached peace, i never hurt anyone, i never cribbed about my fate, i accepted everything you gave to me, never asked you any question but today i want to ask why you are doing this with me and my son, i never wanted AShok to become Samrat, why all this then? i never asked anything from you but today i want to ask AShok’s life from you, save him, save my Ashok. if anything happen to Ashok then i will start disbelieving you.
beast is about to hit Ashok but a lady comes there and says stop, its Charumitra, she comes to beast and slaps him hard, his mask falls down and it is Sushim (the beast), she slaps him one more time, she says i asked you to not do something which will put you in problem and you brought the kid here with whom your father is impressed, whole force is finding Ashok, soon they will catch you and you will get death penalty, before anyone reach to you, finish this kid and leave from here, she looks at Ashok and applies cream on his eyes, she says to Sushim that Ashok will lose his eyesight for sometime now, i am going back to palace so nobody doubts you, she leaves, Ashok becomes conscious and hits Sushim with pot, Suhim falls unconscious, AShok says why i am not able to see anything, he tries to go out of that place but unable to see anything.
Scene 3
Ashok comes out of that place, soldiers find him, Ashok ask them to take him to Samrat, soldiers carry him.
Bindu says to Ashok that you are saying you are not able to see anything, then how will you take soldiers to that mysterious place, Ashok says like blind people remember the way, i will take them. Ashok is going with Khurasan and Acharaya to that place, Ashok listens the voice of goats and says yes this is right path, Guru says but this way goes to.. Acharaya says there is no time for doubts, let him take to place, Ashok brings them to one house, Guru says but this house is of royal doctor, Acharaya says we should to inside, they come in house, Ashok says that mysterious place is hidden here only, they remove wall to find hidden room, they go inside the room, it is same mysterious place of beast, they are stunned to see skeleton costume there, khurasan removes the cloth to find doctor dead, Guru says that royal doctor killed himself because he was tensed to get caught, Khurasan says atleast mystery of beast is resolved, soldier says we have found many kids kidnapped here, they are in bad state, khurasan ask to take them to doctor.
Dharma listens people saying that Ashok is safe and beast is dead. she says i have to meet AShok, Acharaya comes there, Dharma says you cant stop me to meet Ashok today, Acharaya says thats why i have brought Ashok to your clinic, you can stay with Ashok not as mother, but as doctor, he leaves. Dharma comes to Ashok who has bandage on his eyes, Lal mere song plays, she sits beside him, he says Maa, she says i am doctor, he says that beast killed himself, now all kids of Patliputra are safe, Dharma treats Ashok, and caresses his face. Bindusar comes there, he says Samrat vanraj Ashok you fulfilled your promise of catching that beast, Ashok stand but is about to fall, Bindu holds him and says that now i will fulfill my promise, he gives him reward of 50 coins, which was also Ashok’s tax inreturn of his punishment, Ashok says take these coins, i had to pay this to you, now things are clear between us, Bindu says as you say Samrat, you are free now, you can leave but after getting treated, Acharaya listens all this, Bindu caresses his forehead and leaves.
Scene 4
AShok gets up from sleep and says Maa water, i need water, outside Dharma says to Lord that Ashok’s mother is with him but cant serve him, why this punishment for us. Bal govin comes to Ashok, Ashok says you my friend, Bal gives him water to drink and says nobody ever called me friend, Ashok says i am different as i am Samrat, Bal says you are intelligent thats why you are free from punishment, Ashok says you will also get opportunity to free yourself from stable, Bal recalls how helena said that if he gives information about AShok then she will free him, he says to AShok that if you would live here then i could have got opportunity, Ashok ask what? he says i mean you would have helped me.
in morning, Bal recalls how Ashok said that he wants to meet his mother, he says i should tell helena about this but Ashok is my friend, how can i ditch him, he says even if Helena gets to know about Ashok’s mother then what will she get, all kids have mother.
AShok says to Dharma that i am missing my mother, she also treat people, you are doing same treatment which my mother used to do, Dharma opens his bandage from eyes, Ashok says i am not able to see anything, its all blur, Dharma says how is it possible, Ashok how cant you see anything? son see around, Ashok looks at her and takes off her veil, he says you ignored me in pain thats why i am in problems, they cry and hug each other, Lal mere plays, they cry in happiness. Ashok says why you didnt tell me that you were here? he recalls there was some other lady as doctor in court that day, he says you are hiding something from me, are you under pressure of that old brahmin(acharaya), i am free now, we will leave from here, let go, Dahrma stops him, AShok says here people are bad, this is not our place, Dharma says i have given promise to Acharaya, i cant go from here, Ashok says why? he is responsible for all my problems, Dharma says you also promised me that you will listen to Acharaya, Ashok says i will talk to him, Samrat has freed me, no one is above Samrat, he leaves.
Bindu is doing wight lifting when Acharaya comes there, Acharaya says its good you are doing exercise, Bindu says you seem worried, Acharaya says yes till your attackers are freely roaming, i will be worried, Bindu says i am hurt that one beast was roaming openly but my ministers was not able to do anything, dont know sometime i feel Chandragupt was great and i am nothing infront of him, Acharaya says even after so many problems, so many conspiracies, you are able to bind people together, this shows you are great king, Bindu says its feels like father is complementing me, they find Sushim shouting on dasies, Bindu says to Acharaya that i request you to guide my sons too, especially Sushim, dont know if he will be good Samrat because of his anger, i dont want to have this guilt that i couldnt give a godd Samrat to Magdh, promise me you will give good rular to magdh after me, Acharaya says i promise i will give great Samrat to Magdh after you, the problems are coming in life, i feel that on Mahashivratri, we should do Pooja for peace, Bindu says as you say.
AShok comes to Acharaya and says that i have finished my punishment, now you cant stop me from going back, Maa has given you promise to stay here, Acharaya says where you found your mother? Ashok says what you thought that you will keep my mother away from me, i saw her in palace, met he already, also i have cuaght beast and he is dead, Samrat has also freed me, Acharaya says do you think that beast is dead? Ashok says you saw doctor’s boedy there, he is dead, Acharaya says why did he not kill himself by taking any poison, why he took his life by using any weapon? Ashok says i only know that beast’s body was found there. Acharaya says that when Bindu was attacked in jungle, you were also there, you had archery kit with you too but you were not attacker right? AShok says you want me to stop here at any cost, Acharaya says if you think that beast is dead then you can leave, i will not stop you but truth is that he is alive and waiting to kill other kids. Ashok thinks.
PRECAP- Soldier announce to people that this Mahashivratri, Samrat Bindusar will do pooja. later Ashok comes in court and says to Bindu that doctor was not beast, he was killed so that our attention is diverted from real beast, i am sure real beast is till alive. later Ashok is doing pooja, Sushim comes there and beats him with hunter, AShok holds his hunter and gets angry. later AShok comes to Guru and says that if you dont believe then see Sushim’s body, he is real beast, you readily agrees to punish innocent kids like, can give us death penalty but the one who is real culprit, you are not able to raise voice against him, if you have problem to tell about Sushim to Samrat then tell me, i will directly tell him, Guru angrily looks at him. ,,

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