Ashoka Samrat Episode 11 Update on Wednesday 19th September 2018

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Scene 1
in court, Sushim throws dagger at Siamak, Siamak ducks in, behind Siamak is standing Ashok, he catches the dagger, he is wearing mike, all are stunned to see him, Bindu says this is enough for today, Acharaya says to Sushim that before playing with these weapons, you should know the consequences, Noor says seems like Charu didnt tell her son about rules, he was attacking my son, Bindu says they are brothers, dont make them enemies, see me and Justin, i want Sushim and Siamak to follow the understanding like i have with Justin, he says to Sushim that to become good Samrat, you have to be good person and to become good person you have to control your emotions, anger is your enemy, it can make you lose your control. Bindu says now start the entertainment, Ashok’s friends are brought in, they are wearing mikes, they says we came to find Samrat vanraj but here it is real Samrat, if we dont provide entertainment then we will be beaten, Ashok is leaving the court, soldier stops and brings him to his friends, one friend says we came here as three, from where did this fourth one come from? one kid starts acting, he jumps, all his friends joins, they do funny act by falling on each other, Bindu and others laugh, then Ashok joins, he juggles the balls nicely, all enjoy it, friend says this nice act can be put by one person only that is Samrat vanraj Ashoka, Ashok stops the juggle, Bindu says it was great act, Ashok leaves from there.
Scene 2
Ashok comes in royal kitchen, he recalls how he said to stable kids that he will make them eat royal food, he starts collecting food when Sushim puts hand on his shoulder, he takes of his mask and is stunned to see Ashok there.
Sushim brings Ashok in court, he says to Bindu that you gave respect to this kid, made him sit on your horse and this reality is that i caught him red handed while he was stealing from kitchen, Bindu ask were you stealing food? Ashok says yes this is truth but think about person who is forced to steal food, i am give food in stable which even horse cant eat, then i got to know that 56 dishes are made in palace so i got lured, you can punish me but tell me what is problem, if this is problem of people that they are forced to steal food or is this problem of Samrat who cant give better food to hos workers, Acharaya says he is saying right, Bindu says i am passing order to make all kids have royal food, AShok smiles, Charu ask who is this kid? Noor says the one who won over you son Sushim in race, Charu fumes.
Bal Govin is trying to free himself from beast’s room, he opens ropes tied arond his body and runs from there.
Ashok is going back to stable with food, when he finds some silhouette, he ask who is there? he says bal hidind behind bushes, he ask Bal what happened, Bal says save me, that beast will kill me, Ashok says dont worry, i wont let anything happen to you, he takes him from there.
Scene 3
Ashok brings injured Bal Govin in court, all are stunned, he makes Bal lie on floor, Khurasan ask what is all this? Ashok says beast, this is truth, Bindu says beast? Ashok says yes there is one beast who is killing kids of Patliputra, this beast is taking kids from many days, either they dont comeback or come in this state like Bal, see him, what beast have did to him, i didnt believe in this beast thing but when i saw Bal in this state, i got convinced, Guru says we are investigating about this matter, we will soon find about it, Bindu ask Dharma to treat this kid, Dharma checks him and says that beast can be human, Acharaya says beast can attack this kid again, Bindu says to Khurasan that you are responsible for his security, Bal is taken from there, Bindu says people are stealing food, beast is taking away kids, royal food doesnt suit me now, do anything, out in your force but find out about this beast, Acharaya says we should do something, like announce that anyone who will tell about beast will get reward then people will muster courage too, Bindu says so make announcement that anyone who will tell about beast will get rewarded, Ashok says if this is the matter then i promise that i will give you information about beast, this way i will be free from your punishment, Acharaya smiles.
Scene 3
Ashok brings food for his stable friends, he says Samrat have sent royal food for you, he says you all were right, beast exists, Bal Govin ran from his place, kid says this means beast must be very angry, he will kill us now, Ashok says now beast should get afraid, i will catch that beast, kid ask arent you afraid, Ashok says Samrat vanraj is not afraid of anyone, AShok’s friends from Vann comes there, Ashok gets happy seeing them, he says you should have not come here, kids says we had to face many problems to meet you but we know if anyone see us then it will be problem for you so we will leave, Ashok says but first have royal food with me, kids agree, they all enjoy the food. after dinner, Ashok sends them out of palace, Ashok says to horse Gul that today it was eventful day, have you threw Sushim from your back ever? dont ever try, he is cruel, i dont know why he have so much ego, he is not Samrat, he was about to kill his son today. some noise plays, Ashok looks on, he says to Gul that i am not afraid, Samrat vanraj is not afraid of anyone, he turns around to find beast there, beast takes him from there, Gul starts shouting, other kids are sleeping. beast brings Ashok to his secret room, he ties Ashok to pillar, Ashok is shocked to see skeleton costume of beast, beast says today you will not be saved, Ashok says not today, beast injures Ashok with hot dagger, AShok screams in pain, his body is wounded.
Acharaya is in his room when he finds lion, he is tensed seeing lion (chandragupt) worried, he says what it can be. Radhagupt comes there and says Bindu wants you in court. Acharaya gets worried.
Scene 4
in morning, kids wake up and says Gul is screaming from night, they talk abotu Bal and says Ashok didnt believe us that there is beast, one kid ask where is Ashok, Acharaya comes there and says AShok is not found here, kid says maybe he went to find about beast, Acahraya ask why Gul is shouting, kid says dont know, one kid finds bangle on ground, he shows it to Acharaya.
Dharma ask Bal are you feeling fine now? Bal is afraid and says save me, Dharma says no one is here, dont worry, soldier comes and says Samrat has ordered to bring this kid here.
Bindu ask khurasan why you didnt tell me about this beast thing? Khurasan says you were injured so i thought to catch this beast alone, Bindu says i wann ask were you able to save kids? that beast took bal from royal stable and you people couldnt do anything, Sushim comes there, Bindu says that you are not my son here to come in court at anytime, you should come in court at right time, Bal is brought there, Bindu says to Bal that you are safe now, we want to reach that beast as soon as possible, can you tell us about that beast, do you remember the place, Bal recalls the torture beast did to him and falls on ground unconscious, Dharma says his mental state is not like this that he can answer, give him time, Khurasan says we dont have time knowing that other kids are in danger. Acharaya comes and says true, he says to Bindu that Bal Govin is not fine, i request you to send him to hospital, Bindu agree, Dharma takes Bal and leaves from there, Acharaya says to Bindu that this time the beast has taken one more kid with him and kid’s name is Ashok, Bindu is shocked,he recalls how Ashok won the race, how he treated Ashok’s feet, how they rode the horse together, Acharaya says we have to take decision fast as Ashok’s life is in danger, Bindu orders to send force and find Ashok at any cost.
PRECAP- Bindu tells dharma that one beast is openly roaming in Patliputra, he is taking away kids with him, yesterday night, he took Ashok with him, Dharma is shocked, medicine bowl falls from her hands. beast is beating Ashok with hunter, Ashok is shouting in pain. Dharma prays to lord to save her child, if anything happen to Ashok then i will start disbelieving you. 

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