Ashoka Samrat Episode 10 Update on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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Scene 1
Bindu helps Ashok in getting up and says you are very good sport, you won over Sushim and Shera, i am happy, he is about to gift him but Sushim says he is cheater, he took shortcut, Bindu says it was not cheating but cleverness, it was to cross finish line first not the path chosen for it, you should accept his win and your defeat, Sushim angrily leaves, Bindu says to AShok that i will take you back, Ashok says i will go myself, Bindu says it is my order, he lifts Ashok and makes him sit on Gul Bhushan, then sit behind him, they both smile at each other and starts to go back home.
Noor comes to Dharma and ask why did you let Bindu go out with Sushim, dont you know he is injured, Dharma says he wanted to spend time with his son, how could i stop him, Noor says if anything happens to him then i wont forgive you, she leaves. Dharma looks from window to see Ashok and Bindu coming on same horse, she is happy and stunned at same time, Bindu lifts Ashok in his arms and brings him in his room, Dharma is in shock, Bindu makes Ashok lie on his bed, he says i should have stopped Sushim, it was my mistake that this child got hurt, noe he is my responsibility, Dharma sits beside Ashok, she touches his feet which has wound, she treats his wound, Kaise bataon tujhe.. lal mere plays, Ashok recalls his mother and says to Dharma that i feel like you are my own, Acharaya comes there, Ashok says my mother applies cream in same way, Acharaya says i listened you challenged Sushim, AShok says he did not me, Bindu says he is right, it was just a competition, this kid have serious talent, Acharaya says he calls himself as Samrat, Bindu says he seems like son of royal family, Dharma looks at him, Bindu says this kid is very talented and have spark, Ashok says only Samrat can see my talent, this Acharaya under estimate me, Bindu says dont you dare to talk to Acharaya says like this, Ashok says sorry, doctor comes there, Ashok says i dont need any treatment, he thanks Dharma and leaves, Acharaya says you should have not gone out like this, Bindu says death will on its time why not live life, i have started to feel that i have to do something in life, i have some work to finish till i dont finish it, i will not die, Acharaya says i will leave now, he looks at Dharma who greets him, Acharaya leaves.
Scene 2
Acharaya is in thought, Radhagupt ask what happened, Acharaya says i am trying to make a son and mother away from each other, this is cruelty, the kid who should live in palace is living in stable, future people will call me selfish but behind this selfishness is goodness for Magdh, Ashok is future of Magdh and whatever it will take to make AShok the next Samrat, i will do it.
Charu is getting ready in her room, Sushim comes there and fumes, he says th common guy, who lives in stable, my father praised him infront of me, who is that guy, he is nothing and father brought him back to palace on his horse, Charu says you have so much anger and this is quality of Samrat but you have to use your anger in right way, Sushim says i cant bear if Bindu loves someone else, Charu says even i cant bear it, you are elder son of him so you deserve his love most, today is function of Bindu’s return, prepare for it, your blood is very precious, dont boil it for some common kid, she brings out snake from a box and smiles, Sushim brings bottle, she takes out venom from snake, she says when you were 1 year old, your father was attacked, all thought that Bindu was dead and Justin was ready to sit on throne which you deserve, that day i got afraid for you so i started controlling the evil spirits which can come inbetween you and throne, believe in your strength, what we have thought will happen only, be calm and trust your mother, she gives him venom, he takes it and put it in box, they smirk.
Scene 3
Noor is royal bath tub, Justin comes there, he touches her and says its injustice with other women that you have so much beauty than them, Noor says its not good that you come in my room like this, Justin says you are mine and Bindu cant take you away from me, Noor puts dagger on his neck and says dont say this again else i will kill you, Justin says you are wild cat, she says its better to be wild cat then domestic cat who hides behind her mother (taunting Justin), he laughs and says i lose to you on these taunts, he comes closer to her and says will meet you in function, he leaves, Noor smirks.
preparations for grand affair are in full swing, many royal dishes are being prepared. Bindu is getting ready in his room, Dharma is there too, Bindu says this function is celebrated as i cameback to life, i want my mother to put this crown on my head, Helena comes there, Bindu says i was talking about you only, Helena says i have no right to come in celebration, helena says i want to say sorry of what i said about Acharaya yesterday, i know i have hurt you, i shouldnt have said all that, Bindu says why you are saying all this, i know you care for me alot, you care for my protection thats why said all this, i told you that you are most important for me, like Krishna got Yashoda maya, i have you, if you go against me then its also for my good, if you dont come in function then i will stop it, Helena says no, Patliputra people are waiting for you, they have right on you, let them celebrate, but just say that you forgave me, Bindu says i cant even say these words for you, instead i will die, Helena stops him, she takes crown and makes Bindu wear it, she recalls how she wanted justin to wear it, Bindu ask Helena to go and get ready, she leaves, Bindu says to Dharma that i feel you coming here for my treatment is because of prayers of my mother, i am lucky that you are here for my treatment, today there is special dinner for workers, you come there too, he leaves, Dharma says how to eat royal food when my son is not eating well.
Scene 4
Ashok finds not so good food, he says this food is not good, one kid says this is difference between real and fake Samrat, this is prize for winning against Sushim, he is having 51 dishes dinner, other kid says royal food is amazing, Ashok says i won today so i will celebrate in my way, i will make you all eat royal food today.
Khurasan ask soldiers to keep security tight. Ashok’s friends from Vann has comes to meet AShok, they wearing masks, Khurasan stops them, they say we have come to entertain Samrat, Guru says they seem funny, let them go in, they will bring fun in function, Khurasan lets them go in. Khurasan says to Soldiers that i will look after security today, i dont want enemy to attack Bindu again, one man comes there and says my kid was taken away by beast, Khurasan ask who are you? man says what kind of government is this, people are worried about beast and king is celebrating in palace, Acharaya comes there and ask what happened? Khurasan says this mad man is saying that beast have taken away his son, Acahraya says you know the pain of losing son as you lost your son too, i dont want to butt in your work but you should not stop him from complaining to Samrat, this is his right, Khurasan thinks.
Ashok comes in palace, he paints his body and put mask on his face so that he doesnt get caught.
Samrat Bindu alongwith Helena, Justin and Khurasan comes in court, he is welcomed, he sits on throne, Dharma is there. Bindu says you all prayed for my well being, i am thankful to you, Bindu says when it about royal function then it should be great, start the royal gathering, Acharaya with Radhgupt enters the court, all greets them, Bindu stands up and greets him, Acharaya says i want to gift you on this occasion but as Acharaya i will just give yoy my blessing, Bindu says you are blessings are priceless, Acharaya takes his seat, Helena says to him that there was a time when you used to sit beside Samrat but now you are away from power, you are trying hard to get back your position but now things have changed with time, everything is in my control now, she goes and sit beside Bindu, she smirks at Acharaya. Queen Noor and Charumitra comes in court, Charu says to Bindu that Sushim was so happy that you went with him on ride, Bindu says i maybe Samrat but i am father too, Sushim is my elder son, Charu says it feels good that you give him right as first son as i never got right of being your first wife, Bindu makes her sit beside him, Charu says i was worried that if anything happens to then what will happen to Sushim, only you think good about Sushim, if anything had happened to you then.. Helena says you should not talk about your husband’s health like this, Charu says when a mother talks, she doesnt think about anything else, Helena says but you should see the situation, Bindu ask Charu if want to ask anything? Charu says announce Sushim as next Samrat, Noor says why ignore Siamak when talk is about becoming Samrat, Charu says these talks worry me, Sushim is elder so he deserve throne, noor says he maybe elder but the one who has spark should sit on throne and Sushim.. i got to know that Sushim lost to common kid, this is right time to announce the next Samrat, let there be a competition between Sushim and Siamak, Sushim throws dagger at Siamak, Siamak moves away, one other kid holds the dagger, it turns out to be Ashok wearing mask.
PRECAP- Ashok is taking food from kitchen when someone puts hand on his shoulder. Sushim brings AShok in court, he says to Bindu that this is same guy whom you gave so much respect, rode horse with him and what he did? i caught him red handed in kitchen, he was stealing food, this is his reality, Dharma is stunned. later Ashok is tied to pillar, the beast hurts him with hot arrow and injures him, Ashok screams in pain. Bindu tells Dharma that there is beat in Patliputra, yesterday he took Ashok with him, Dharma is shocked and says Ashok.. Bindu looks at tensed Dharma. 

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